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High Expectations Are The Key To Everything: Be Self Motivated

High Expectations Are The Key To Everything by Michael Bergdahl is a fantastic self-booster and motivational guide. Michael worked at Walmart Headquarters in Bentonville, Arkansas, as Director of “People” and was reporting directly to the Founder of Walmart, Sam Walton. Sam Walton has been a big inspiration in Michael’s life and has an influence on him in many ways. Michael possesses an authority over the best practices of Walmart and Sam Walton. Currently, Michael is a Professional International Speaker and has visited many countries across the globe. He is working with many big global corporate. Michael says for writing High Expectations Are The Key To Everything, his main source of ideas, insights, and inspiration has been Sheryl Bergdahl, his wife.

High Expectations Are The Key To Everything: Be Self Motivated

As per Michael, it is nobody else that stops us from setting higher standards and achieve higher in life. But ourselves. Challenges are there in everybody’s life. Some build the courage to cross all hurdles and achieve success. Whereas others get discouragement by the obstacles in their life. And drift away from success even if both start with same resources and get same opportunities. There are total 6 keys to success in this book by Michael. You have to start by setting higher expectations for yourself to get all round success. You need to set your vision and purpose with a commitment to yourself to move to your goals with passion.

High Expectations Are The Key To Everything

Next key is – you can control your own destiny. And achieve success in life. But with some gem like mantras – focusing and creating an approach with high discipline towards your goals. In fact, it helps in building hard rock determination. And obviously, you will have to sacrifice something in your life to achieve something much bigger. Like it goes with an ability to adopt change with the changing environment.

Overall this is a must read for anyone aspiring for following a tougher path to achieve big results in life. In fact, it is a lovely book to set your bars high.

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