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Being Healthy Is About Mind, Heart, Body, Soul #ApneTareekeSeHealthy

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Being healthy is not just about having a pleasing physique and appealing biceps. Awareness towards health is good. That is what is visible on the increasing trend of gyms, diet plans, lifestyle coaches, diet substitutes, dance classes, and so on. But is that all? I think these are the easiest ways to satisfy yourself but in a fake manner. In fact, if you want to be healthy, I mean real healthy, you need to synchronize your mind, heart, body, and soul in a perfect manner. That is what Alok keeps telling me. Alok works in a multinational in C-Suite. His lifestyle is busier than any busiest person on this earth. But he is a symbol of perfection. It is difficult for me to become Alok. He emphasizes on being fresh all the time. You need to tap your mind continuously for that.

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I go by what Alok says and thus my lifestyle is quite different when it comes to being healthy. We are childhood friends. While he has an alluring personality symbolizing completeness and high level of discipline. Mine is completely reverse. I hate repititions. In fact, I can’t follow a discipline of going to a gym regularly. That is why I have a set of my gym kit at home that includes dumbles, rope, spring, and a cycle. For me, there is no particular hour of exercising. I pick up my dumbles even at night if I wake up in between. Running, joging, skipping, cycling are my regular things but not at any particular hour. It is like as and when I feel like. Sometimes push-ups and pulls are multiple times and some days are without any of those.

Being Healthy Is About Consciousness

More important is to stay away from compulsions when it is about being healthy. Never compel yourself for anything that might create stress. That is why I keep myself busy with reading a lot of books, music, cooking, dancing, traveling, and writing. One should do all such things that bring joy in life. If you are happy, you can do everything in double. Even my life is as busy as Alok’s. Running a software company with consistent growth in profits is something that requires a lot of efforts. But then as I say, it is all about the state of mind. It is all about doing everything in complete sync within and outside with nature.

I am joining Saffola #ApneTareekeSeHealthy initiative and sharing my ways of being healthy in association with BlogAdda.

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