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Healing Recipes Back to Roots at Kairali Ayurvedic Healing Village

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Kairali is encouraging health through Ayurveda since 1908. Chef Manjit Singh Gill, Dr. Gita Kamlesh, Abhilash K Ramesh, Chef Vikas Seth, and Madhulika Dash today launch Healing Recipes Back to the Roots. This, in fact, is one of the newest initiatives by Kairali group. Why do we need a chef retreat? Lifestyles, dieting, eat right are changing concepts of food, cooking, and health. Like, Food for healing, food for Divinity, etc. It is the love and affection elements in the cooking that sustain us. And that begins with mother at home. Why eating food under the Sun is better. Because you get vitamin D with vitamin C better than anything else. A food that can make you good as a person. A chef, in that regard, is a magical person to bring healing recipes to masses. Unhealthy and junk food concept make you cautious about learning and considering healthy food.
A good food gives happiness and this encourages us to do good in life. Sunbaking, for instance, is a powerful concept but losing grounds across the country. We need to revive back such previous and legacy nuggets of healing recipes to bring back life, health, happiness through food. Kairali deals with Ayurveda. Ayurveda believes in healthy living for which healthy food is of utmost importance. But how to identify healthy food that leads you to a healthy life? Kairali believes in vegetarian food that is freshly cooked. Simple cooking with the right stuff having all the six tastes viz sweet, sour, salty, pungent, bitter, and astringent.

Healing Recipes Bring Back the Roots

Food requirements vary from person to person. Food at regular intervals is quite important. Skipping food is not a good practice. There’s a proper format for each individual at Kairali. Food is like herbal medicines that heal body scientifically. Removing toxins from the body are important. If you don’t throw them out of your body in time you tend to cause various diseases. What to cook, when to cook, what to eat in which season, what not to eat in which season is the prime focus of Kairali healing recipes. Within 14 days stay at Kairali you can learn this art through the wisdom and knowledge.
Chef Manjit Singh Gill feels happy to see such meaningful initiatives. It is important to learn the philosophy and science of cooking. The most important fundamental truth of food is that it should give you goodness. If it doesn’t, it is of no use to the body and mind. A man is born by food and subsequently, nourishes with the food. It is only the Good that keeps your intellect and nourishes your body. Food is a serious concept to understand. Indulgence in food has to be meaningful. Food converts into the blood in the body. A lot of research is happening around the globe and a lot of theories are emerging. Out food becomes healthiest if we understand the philosophy and fundamentals. That is where Healing Recipes come into the picture.

Healing Recipes is all about Goodness of Food

Good food with the reasons are fundamentals of Ayurveda. Cook food with some knowledge. Good food is always very close to nature. Food should always be fresh. Refrigeration of processing of food is something going against nature. That way you are increasing the life of food unnaturally. If food is closer to nature, out body knows how to get the best out of it. The earlier concept of tasty and nice looking food is changing to food safety, digestive, and good absorbing food. Good food helps people live longer and healthy. For instance, if you add salt in curd, it spoils its goodness.
As a matter of fact, serving a bowl of curd is different from adding curd to curries or marinating food with curd. While the former is for health the latter two are for adding taste to curries and food. Cooking food should be good for goodness. Knowing about six tastes and balancing them well is important. In fact, six climates are also like six tastes. Rest is to eat seasonal food. Making people aware of the right things to make then adopt the right practice in life. Understanding food for your own sake is important.

Healing Recipes Debuts on July 3 at Kairali, Palakkad, Kerala

The Ayurvedic Healing Village in Palakkad, Kerala, will be hosting India’s first, Ayurveda-based Chef’s Retreat, Healing Recipes–Back to Roots from July 3, 2017, to July 6, 2017. In fact, it involves 120 years of collective experience of the experts at Kairali and few of India’s leading culinary minds. Chef Manjit Singh Gill says, “Food is the single, most important investment that we make every single day of our lives, and yet modern times has seen food being defined as “junk” and “unhealthy”. A thought I completely disagree with. How can something that heals and nourishes be harmful? Hence, it is imperative that we revisit our approach to food, to ingredients and cooking techniques. Healing Recipes – Back to Roots, for me, is that one platform that will help you rethink food.”

Healing Recipes- Back to Roots begins under the mentorship of legendary Chef Gill and Ayurveda-expert-author of The Ayurvedic Cookbook and Jt. Managing Director,  Kairali Ayurvedic Group, Dr. Gita Ramesh. This inaugural season will also endorse some of the prominent names in the industry and will have expert chefs such as Mexican expert Chef Vikas Seth, progressive cuisine guru Chef Abhijit Saha and Indian cuisine specialist, Chef Chetan Sethi who will be conducting special classes.

Healing Recipes is a journey of discovering wonders of food

Dr. Ramesh adds, “The first chapter of Healing Recipes-Back to Roots is a conscious effort at food sustainability. It is an attempt at showcasing how age-old philosophy and culinary practices still hold relevance in modern times.”

Regarding this, Chef Seth says, “Healing Recipes- Back to Roots is a window into the world of food for chefs and others alike to experience the various culinary trends that have held centre-stage in the past five years: be it Clean Eating, Farm to Table, even foraging for unknown ingredients and practices.”

And finally, Madhulika Dash, Curator & Co-Founder, Healing Recipes – Back to Roots says, “Healing Recipes is an exciting journey that starts from the farm and culminates as a breathtaking dish on the plate. It is an opportunity to discover the wonders of food, philosophies and the culture of taste.”

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