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Hare And Tortoise Revisited – A Short Poetry #HareAndTortoise

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Hare and Tortoise have a newer version.

Both are taking a diversion

from their earlier behavior,

techniques, and patterns.

The Tortoise, this time, decided,

I will not ditch my opponent, the Hare.

Even if he is sleeping,

I will wake him up

and will go fair by all means

without thinking of stealing

the moment.

Let it happen otherwise,

But I will be a little wise,

Let my opponent’s overconfidence

not pay the price.

Let me not be thankful to him

for a lazy act done by him.

I am ready to go all game

completely fair and no hunger for fame.

In fact, I have to take him out of the

clouds of his cunningness

and create a fair deal in the game.

Only thing is the deal has to be fair

to decide who out of two is the best player.

I don’t need a win in a platter

And then allow the world make fun of it later.

But at the same time

I don’t have to fall

pray to my opponent’s

unfair tactics.

New Tale of Hare and Tortoise

The new tale of Hare and Tortoise

sets a new bunch of rules.

Earlier the rules of the game

were not clear,

the game was open

to be fought among

imbalanced expertise.

The challenger knew

I was weak on land

and I knew that he was weak

in water

but still I accepted his challenge

for all of th race on the land.


This time, in new version of

Hare and Tortoise,

I will again accept his challenge

on land

but will offer

a same challenge

to happen in water

for the same distance.

And then let the




for land and water



I promise

if he starts drowning

in water

I will take him

on my back

and will save his life

but will win the game

in revised preposition

of equality.


A Foe Turned Friend.

But is it acceptable to

the Hare.

Only then the new game of

Hare and Tortoise can


Else the things will remain as before.

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