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GT Road Offers Food From South Asia and Central Asia #GTRoad

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GT Road in Connaught Place is a unique concept in terms of the food, theme, and philosophy. It is, in fact, quite a popular restaurant in CP. The ambiance and decor, thus, go according to the philosophy behind the concept of this restaurant. If offers veg and non-veg buffet. But it is more than having a buffet here. It brings the key takeaways in terms of food from all major cities that reside on the 1,600 miles stretch of the Grand Trunk Road. This road, in fact, connects many countries of South Asia and Central Asia. Like, India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, and Afghanistan. And thus you get the key dishes from most of the cities lying on this unique and one of the oldest routes. So basically, you get authentic dishes of Chittagong (Bangladesh), Howrah (West Bengal), Delhi, Amritsar (Punjab) (all three in India), Lahore, Peshawar (both Pakistan), and Kabul (Afghanistan).

That is not all. There are more cities falling on this international highway and thus bringing a wide variety of dishes and delicacies. GT Road is quite spacious stretching on two floors (ground and first) and accommodating around 160 persons (around 80 on each floor) at a time. But despite that, you will find a good amount of waiting at times. That shows the amount of popularity and walk-ins. People love having fun and food here. I don’t think there is any other place in Delhi-NCR offering such a wide and authentic delicacies from all these popular cities. That way, you will find each dish having its own flavor and uniqueness. The same is true not only for the main course but desserts too. The rectangular buffet area is good enough to manage guests for filling their plates of main course dishes and desserts.

GT Road is a real Value for Money and Time

Cutlery at GT Road is catchy and unique.  So are the ambiance and decor. The moment you grab your table, it starts with a welcome drink. And then a grill becomes live on your table. Starters not only contain grill items but there are many other savories. You have to keep rotating the sticks on the grill yourself so as to provide them heat in a universal manner. Else some items might burn some sides. And you can repeat starters as many times as you want. Once you finish starters you will have to walk to the buffet area to start with soup, salads, and then the main course. And of course, finally close it with a fine variety of desserts getting you Jalebi, Imarti, Ice Cream, and a lot more. The Murg Ash Shorba has a very different taste than regular Chicken Soup we get generally.

The nomenclature of dishes at GT Road is classy and interesting. And in fact, you would love to try almost all the starters, main course dishes, and desserts. Though it might be a tough task to achieve. There is a separate Chat counter that serves you I think all the varieties of Chat. Like Lachha Tokri, Dahi Bhalle, Raj Kachori, Papdi Chat, Bhalla Papdi, Palak Patta Chat, Bhelpuri, and Kanji Wada. You don’t need to walk to the counter. You get these on your table. Like the starters. In starters Mawa Makai Ki Seekh (Kanpur) in veg and Mutton Chapli Kebab (Peshawar) are fantastic. Lahori Machhi Tukra (Lahore) and Beckti Machher are also relishing. I think every food item here is unique in one way or the other. What else would you ask for? Than so many relishing dishes at one place?

Another good factor about GT Road is the cost of the food. I feel what you get at this nominal price is more than anybody can expect. In fact, this I would call as one of the best buffet deal in Delhi-NCR. Did I forget to tell not to miss Motia Pulao, a dish from Kabul, in the main course? And then Paan (Meetha or Plain as per your choice) after desserts? Overall, you will find a relishing journey here at GT Road. That too as  best deal for a buffet at a great place.

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