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Be The Change Bring The Change With Green Yatra #EarthIsCalling @Greenyatra

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I am very much concerned about the green cause. If I don’t care about it, I would not be able to inculcate the same in my professional teams and family. When you decide to contribute to the green cause in your own way, you have to think about doing it in the simple and small way in an innovative manner to build your own mechanism and system. You have to design your green yatra. To adhere to the cause, I defined my own rulesets in my life first as it is better to walk the talk rather than preaching. When I started following these simple rules created by me, others automatically have started following them without any extra efforts from my side.

Green Yatra

Small initiatives of your green yatra can bring longlasting changes in life. Washing vegetables and fruits bought from the market or picked from my small farm in the backyard is a necessity. I ensure that the fresh water used to wash these does not flow straight into the drains. I wash them in a sieve basket from where the water goes straight into a large bucket. The water accumulated is reused to water the plants in my backyard and hence not a single drop goes waste.

Green Yatra is a journey of every life

To avoid direct heat on eyes, I prefer organic hat rather than using inorganic sunglasses. I have a wide range of organic summer hats. These are good enough to protect me from the direct heat from the sun during the summer.

For buying vegetables, spices and other stuff for the kitchen, I never use plastic bags. I have kept a good number of cloth bags for this purpose. These are washable so as and when required I wash them I ensure that the main switches are off when the electric gadgets are not in use – be it television, fan or toaster. I also ensure to switch off my refrigerator every day for few hours though it is fully automatic and energy saver. For washing clothes, I use the washing machine optimally so that the least water and detergent are used.

Everyone has his or her own greenyatra. This is mine. What is yours?

Some more rules that I follow in my life to contribute to the green cause are as below:

  • Leather: I don’t use any kind of animal leather for my wallet, belt or shoes.
  • Mobile Phone: I charge my mobile phone only when its battery is fully discharged.
  • Laptop: I ensure that I use my laptop in the power off mode till it gives me an alert to switch on the power. I keep the brightness to the safe power mode level.
  • Commute: I prefer to commute using public transport rather than using my personal car while traveling alone.

Be your own agent of your green yatra. Try to add your friends and family in this yatra to contribute more towards earth’s serious causes.

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