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Great Indian Litterbug Story Of Saksham #TheGreatIndianLitterbug

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Let me tell you a short poem on Great Indian Litterbug

I was just five when one of my cousins

Elder to me by twelve years,

Gave a new meaning – to manhood,

And bravery.

The puppeteer was thinking he was right,

The puppet was acting dark in the daylight.

That was our first visit to Qutab Minar…

Our parents, and all of us, kids, including…

My brave, young brother – a young man.

He scratched names – of friends, a gang

On the walls with a nail

He’d found on the ground

He spit here and there

To exhibit his masculinity

He hooted and stare

With all power.

The chef thought all the spices were put right,

The dish was happy getting ready for a long drive.

He wasted food, threw it

Here and there

Without bothering a bit

About environment

Or even about food.

Kept arguing

On illogical points

With his parents.

He did not even bother

To throw the empty carry bags

After consuming his food,

In open, shamelessly,

Even when we had dustbin around,

Even when everyone else

Was doing just the opposite.

A free spirit, living

On his free will, whims and fancies,

A budding man

Believing to do

Just the opposite

To what is right in life,

Setting a wrong example

For the ones younger to him


His parents did not bother

To correct his misdeeds

His siblings were never convinced

Of any right in such activities.

None of the siblings followed his path

That day.

But his parents should have taken a call

To set him right.

My Mom tried to point out

To each of his stupid deeds

But his mother, every time,

Said – he is just a kid, will learn as he grows.

But the day never came, when he could

Chose a right path, or his parents could guide him

To set his mind and actions right.

Probably they were able to foresee, despite

All these brave deeds of his,

A future bright.

Great Indian Litterbug Story

Now let us read the story Great Indian Litterbug


Many years have passed since that day. Saksham was a young man at that time, brimming with deceleration and a negative mindset. He could never get his mind right, even though he had become as a known journalist in a media firm. At 40, he has not been able to reach a substantial level professionally. Probably the negative mindset never let him think right in terms of his education, career or professional growth. His younger brother, Rahul is an engineer employed at an MNC engaged in automobile manufacturing. Their sister, Bhavna, is a well-established doctor, having completed her MD from a prestigious medical college. The good thing is that Rahul and Bhavana were never influenced by Saksham’s deeds and followed their own path – their own mannerisms guided by their inner self.

Hope you are enjoying the story of Great Indian Litterbug

Photo credit: roberthuffstutter via / CC BY-NC

On the other hand, I still feel, that had Saksham’s parents taken a few steps to inculcate some good habits in him, by telling him what all wrong things he was doing that day in public and how such deeds would put a negative impact on his personality, society and his personal growth; it would have been an entirely different life for Saksham. Probably he also would have become a pilot, engineer, doctor or could have pursued any such field.

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