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Goa Vacation with Family – A Wondrous Experience

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Traveler is my other name. And yet I stay like a local wherever I go. By the same token, I prefer to visit local markets and places rather than sightseeing. On the other hand, I never compromise missing sightseeing too. After all, traveling is my destiny. In my job, I had a lot of travel. Firstly it was domestic. Afterward, I had many overseas assignments. Nonetheless, work pressure could never suppress a genuine traveler within me. I will share my Goa Vacation later in this post.

Even I visited more places during my work assignments overseas. At the same time, I never missed an opportunity to go on a family vacation during all this. Whenever I had a chance to take my wife along on my overseas assignments, I grabbed it with both hands. Yet the traveler in me never warned me to hold on. On the contrary, it always asks for more.

Goa Vacation


Here, I must admit, I have been to same places again. However, I enjoy it more every time. Every place is a learning. Specifically, every travel has been a great learning for me. Similarly every time it is a new experience. In fact, there is no dearth of experience or learning at any place you visit. In other words, I could never confirm that I don’t want to go to a place anymore. Nor can I claim that there is nothing more at that place to visit. Wherever I have been, I ensure to absorb its beauty in my heart and mind completely.

Goa Vacation with Family in June

In the second place, I love to explore new places with the same vigor and intensity. I still remember when for the first time I was traveling to Europe. I was going to France. It was my first official assignment. When my travel desk handed over Air France Airlines ticket to me, I was quite excited. While that was my first visit to France, I have been to Goa many times. After all, Goa is among the most popular destinations in India. Not only for domestic people but for foreigners too.

Last month only we planned to go for a vacation to Goa. And this time we were in the different mood. As a matter of fact, we had a plan to stay at four different places for 4 days each. In addition, we were going to South Goa this time. Away from the crowd. Plans were to be with nature, talk to nature, listen to nature. As a matter of fact, the owner of all these four properties is same. Although each property has a different proposition, he is on the board of all the four. And the offer was to visit each property, stay there, taste it completely, and enjoy. In addition, my task was to create some awareness on social networks and share my experience.

Goa Vacation – South Goa

I would never miss this kind of opportunity. I took no time to book return tickets for the family. Indigo Airlines being my favorite, I never look around for any deals. It was almost 20 days stay there. Immediately we did our packing. In the meantime, I informed our coordinator to make arrangements for the first location. The first location was right on Sernabatim beach. It is a health resort. A detox diet, yoga, and stay right on the beach was a fabulous experience.

Next stay was at a four-star property adjacent to this place. Again, it was also near to the beach. This was an entirely different kind of experience. While earlier one was a kind of European stay, this was totally an Indian stay. Earlier was a life of complete discipline. Opposite to that, this was a total luxury stay. Enjoyment of these four days was totally different to the previous one. But at this juncture, we were not sure what is in store for next half of the stay. We were not knowing that for rest of the period we will be far away from the beaches. Also, we didn’t know that we will be staying right in the reserved forests.

By all means, this was a complete travel for me. It was more satisfying than before. In fact, this was the tour in which we experienced all colors of nature to its full extent. We stayed on the beach. Also, We had a visit to rivers. We visited churches and temples. And we stayed in forests. We also went to the hills. I never knew this side of the Goa is so fascinating and fulfilling. This was a wondrous Goa Vacation with family this June.

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