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Global Math Challenge 4th Edition By Sony Global Education

Sony India invites registrations for the 4th Edition of Global Math Challenge (GMC). The registration for this event is free. As a matter of fact, this is an online contest. All Math lovers above 6 are eligible to register for Global Math Challenge. The event for various age groups will be from 17th to 19th November this year. It is not only a chance to indulge in the fun, but you can also challenge your computational skills. So if you at a Math lover and you really want to discover the fun in math, you must register for GMC. You will also find new ways and ability to tackle problems of the current century.

Global Math Challenge

Global Math Challenge 4th Edition

In fact, in a logical, interesting, and creative manner. Because the questions in Global Math Challenge focus on creative and logical thinking. Rather it is not just focusing merely on formulas. In fact, you explore an entirely different world of Maths. It is entirely a different approach than what you find in textbooks.

Global Math Challenge 4th Edition

Let us look back at earlier versions of GMC. In previous 3 editions of Global Math Challenge, there have been more than 170,000 participants from around 85 countries across the globe. Since this is a global challenge, it has to be multilingual, and of course online. Definitely, it is an online contest. It is global. And it is available in English, Chinese, and Japanese till last year. That is some grand statistics about this challenge.

Global Math Challenge 4th Edition

Now let us  talk about the test. The test contains multiple choice questions. In addition, there are number entry questions also. There are some sample tests available here so that you can get a taste of the challenge. In fact, it will clarify about the patterns of questions that you get in Global Math Challenge. Just have a look at a sample question below and you will find how interesting this contest is.

Global Math Challenge 4th Edition

Next important step is to understand free registration process and important dates. Firstly, you have to create an account on Global Math Challenge portal. Secondly, log in with your account credentials and register for free for the challenge. Now about important dates. The challenge will happen online November 17, 2016, at 9:00 – November 19, 2016, at 23:00. All aspirants can participate anywhere through a desktop/laptop/tablet. And that will enable you to check your skills against other contestants across the globe.

There are 8 levels of difficulty depending on your age. Refer to the following table for clarification. I would have named these courses from G6 to G13 to make them relevant to the recommended age.

Global Math Challenge

In fact, you can try sample questions of each course on the Global Math Challenge website. That will give you more clarity on which course to opt for. Since this is an online challenge, you will get your result with global ranking as soon as you complete the test. There will be a digital certificate for each qualifier. The certificate will include the contestant’s name, score, area, and age. Global Math Challenge is the brainchild of Sony Global Education along with The Japan Prime Math Olympic Committee, Beijing Gifted & Talented Education Technology Center, and The New York Academy of Sciences.

To summarize here are the important links for Global Math Challenge:

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