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Geeta Tandon – Salute to One of the Real Life Heroes

Geeta TandonAt one of the crucial junctures of her life, Geeta Tandon had two choices. The first option was to surrender to the situation. The second choice was to run away. Surrendering to the situation for her was keep going through the harassment. And the harassment was coming from none other than her life partner. Her husband was violent to her. That too when they had two kids in their life. And running away means leave her husband. In fact, leaving her husband would take her away from harassment and depression. Rather that was a perfect decision. She took a final call to run away from her husband with two children. Though she had no place for shelter at that moment in life.

Geeta Tandon
source: bbc.com

Decisions that you take at such crucial moments of life pay rewards. Though it might take some time. Today Geeta Tandon is among the top stuntwomen in Bollywood. She has fame, respect, and a stable career. In fact, she was a teenager when this took place. On the other hand, her husband was never in sync with her. In fact, he would threaten her to meet dire consequences in case she decides to leave him. He thought Geeta Tandon was not worth a decent job in any industry. Rather he told her that she would just end up doing sex work or dancing in strip clubs. Probably that is overconfidence. Rather no husband would treat his wife like that. In fact, a relationship is always to cheer, motivate, care, and love each other rather than doing the opposite.

Geeta Tandon didn’t succumb to life pressures

This insulting comment from her husband made her decide never to do that job, ever in her life. But life as a single parent was full of struggles. That too in Mumbai. The good thing about Mumbai is that it is full of opportunities. Provided you have the vigor to strive. And some fire in the belly to fight out the circumstances. Geeta Tandon had both. She was open to everything except the curse her husband wished. During those days someone came to offer her job of a stuntwoman. Because she had looks of a tomboy. Geeta readily accepted this offer. Though she was never in this profession, it was not possible for her to reject any respectful paying job because of her circumstances.

Geeta Tandon
source: bbc.com

Her new life as a stuntwoman was a success. Afer a long time, things were going in her favor. Read more about her in BBC news magazine online.

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