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Freedom Of Expression Love vs Freedom – A Short Story

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Freedom of expressionMansi is not happy with Robin. It has been more than five years now. Is freedom of expression not important in life? She keeps thinking. In fact, she thinks life is choking. Robin was never like that before. Then why is it that Mansi is craving for some space for herself? Robin was a gem of a person earlier. Then why is he not the same after their marriage? He was a great person who would always advocate for freedom of  expression for everyone. In fact, especially for women. Before marriage, he was the one to promise it all for Mansi. But after their marriage five years back Robin has not been the same. In fact, the four years in the University with him were fabulous. Rather those were the days the two came closer.

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And finally, when Robin got a job of his choice during campus recruitment, he was more than happy. It was soon after his job that he came forward to propose her. Both were craving for true love in life. And probably both had found it that day. But soon after marriage Mansi could observe sea change in Robin’s behavior. Firstly, he compelled her to leave her job. It was not a normal job. She got this job in a multinational of repute on the basis of being a gold medalist in the úniversity. And Robin was the one in the whole world to assure her complete freedom to excel in her professional lice. Then why did he force her? And why she agreed to it? That was the day she lost her freedom of expression.

Freedom of Expression vs True Love

Ramit and Mona are the two kids from the couple. Ramit is four, and Mona is just two. But the impact is quite visible on both kids. Like their mother Mansi, both kids are mostly under depression. All the three have been losing their freedom of expression. And Mansi is in no mood to tolerate it any further. Especially for her kid’s sake. She decides to take a fïnal call on this. Mansi decides to have a firm talk on this with Robin. She has to decide between their freedom of expression and her true love. Although she is sure Robin will pay no attention to it, she has to talk to him.

“I want to talk to you Robin something very serious about us.” Mansi tells Robin after he returns from office and is relaxing sipping his coffee. ”

“What is it now? Why can’t you just enjoy life at home and take care of kids.”

“Are they only my kids? And am I only need to take care of them?” asks Mansi in a firm tone. “I am joining back my office from next week. And my ex-company is ready to take me. They know my potential.”

Robin is silent. In fact, he is in a shock. And suddenly he realizes that this time, he will not be able to snub Mansi. He is sure the time has come if Mansi has to choose between her freedom of expression and her true love that is me, she will opt for former. All of a sudden a feeling of guilt arises in him for what he has been doing to her all these years. And he feels shame for this.

Freedom of expression needs courage

“I am sorry Mansi. In fact, I could not realize all these years that despite a lot of change in me you were staying with me just for the sake of our kids. And I forgot to respect you. But I am really sorry for that. I am sure I can’t rewind the time that is gone. But I promise to be the same I was during our college days. I promise to give you complete freedom of expression henceforth. Because I realize our kids will not be normal if I stay lïke this.” says Robin with droplets of tears in his eyes.

Mansi is also in tears but is happy to get the right dirëction back in her life.

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