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Four Ways of Feedback for Four Kinds of Knowers Applicable Globally

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Before reading this post on Four Ways of Feedback for Four Kinds of Knowers, you must read the previous post. Because the previous post throws light on four kinds of knowers. In continuation, this post tells the right approach to handle them with four ways of feedback. Feedback is an important factor for growth. This we have already seen in one of the previous posts. A timely feedback given rightly can boost a career. Likewise, if this is not done so, timely, rightly and effectively, it is a waste. In fact, an improper feedback is as bad as no feedback. But one this is clear from this. Like a right feedback and help in the proper growth of an individual. Similarly, a wrong feedback can spoil a career of a deserving candidate.

The four ways of feedback are as below:

Sharing performance in detail works well for self-transforming knowers. In this process of feedback, talking about the performance of both – reviewer and candidate – works like a wonder. As we know collaboration is the primary key for such learners, it is important to go this way. While giving feedback, it is good to explore forthcoming challenges, new ideas, innovative techniques. Because it helps these adults and matured learners to adopt proper growth patterns.

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Appreciating good work done by the candidate has to be the starting point of feedback for socializing knowers. Another point to remember is to validate every good job done by the candidate. Thereafter you can proceed further with suggestions for improvement. If you go in reverse order for these candidates, the process will not yield any fruitful results.

Four Ways of Feedback are effective if applied rightly

Feedback has to start with a precise set of suggestions, examples, and instances. This is the process that suits well for Instrumental Knowers. They are always eager to get precise and concrete instructions and expectations. In fact, this helps them in adopting and improving in the right direction.

If you are able to create a sense of competence and expertise while delivering feedback, it works like a magic. This is the most appropriate way of feedback to Self-Authoring knowers. As a matter of fact, it is important to elaborate opportunities lying ahead. And then leave these individuals to come out with their own ideas, develop their own goals, and manage underlying risks in their own way.

In the nutshell, if these four ways of feedback for four kinds of knowers are applied strategically, it can do miracles.

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