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Four Patriots by Sumit Agarwal – Gear Up For A Clean India 2022

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The Four Patriots by Sumit Agarwal is about a hope. A hope that every true Indian is carrying since independence. This is about Clean India. A country without corruption, black marketing, and dirty politics. The book flows in a very crisp manner. This keeps you intact along with the storyline. The book has two parts Book 1 and Book 2. In fact, I would call it Volume 1 and Volume 2. Because Book 1 and Book 2 do not make independent books at all. There is a connection that binds them both into a proper flow of a single book. While Volume one builds the four main characters, Aditya, Varun, Salman, and Raghav. In fact, if every youth of our country transforms to any of these four patriots, the day of Corruption-free India will not remain a dream. Volume two is about execution and transformation.

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