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Fossil Group India Amalgamates Fashion and Technology in Wearables

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Almost all the top brass of Fossil Group was present at the exclusive debut launch into the wearable segment in India. Fossil group launches a blitz of products melding fashion and technology. It was quite open and interactive launch event. There was a full range offering of smart watches, hybrid watches, and fitness trackers. Out of these products, some are their own while others come with a licensing agreement.

Vasant Nangia, Managing Director, Fossil India, was quite radiant while announcing the launch. Grace Chan, Managing Director, Fossil Group Portfolio, APAC was also present at the event. Anita Vogel, Senior Director, Skagen APAC  was highlighting the simplicity and connecting features of Skagen products. Alisha Shroff, Managing Director, APAC, presented the product range and company ethos with full energy. Sonny Vu, President, and CTO (Chief Technology Officer), Connected Devices, Fossil Group Inc was there to address the queries about challenges of melding fashion and technology.  Similarly, Jack Quinlan, Senior Vice-President, APAC, Fossil Group was present at the press conference to address the media queries.

Entry into a new foray of wearable devices begins with the unveiling of a glittering and technology-rich range of connected devices. These six of owned and licensed brands include Fossil Q, Michael Kors Connected, Skagen Connected, Chaps, Emporio Armani and Misfit. Fossil Group has a unique position to create a broad variety of connected products. These products equally appeal to both fashion and the technology areas through its range of smart watches, hybrid watches, and fitness trackers. As the whole world inspires by the growing digital influence, the same is the benchmark for these products. The new wearables infuse technology into traditional timepieces thereby creating devices that bring to life creativity, connectivity, and style in a seamless and flawless manner.

Fossil Group brings fashion and technology

Today’s youth increasingly wants to stay connected to the world around them, with real-time updates about daily activities, curated content, and social networks. Why only youth, it applies to all technology savvy persons of any age. Wearable technology is not only aiding but leading this growing trend of being constantly connected. As a matter of fact, the segment has recorded almost 42% growth in Q2 2016 as per the International Data Corporation (IDC). Fossil Group’s entry into the wearable space will further enhance the convergence of fashion and technology. And this will happen while enhancing the consumer’s personal style simultaneously.

The launch will also strengthen the Group’s foothold in the Indian market. In fact, the enhancement is both through its existing watch distribution (600+ points of sale) and new products. As we know, Fossil Group has over 600 points of sale (POS) across the coúntry as it’s consumer electronic and technology channels.

Announcing the launch in India, Jack Quinlan states “It is our constant endeavor to offer products that not only appeal to our consumers’ sense of style but also meet their changing requirements. India is the fastest growing market in the APAC region with a CAGR of more than 40%. Smartwatches are slated to constitute about 40 per cent of wearable devices by the end of 2016 and through the launch of the new range, we aim to capture a considerable share of the market. With the growing penetration of digital technology, we recognized the need to meet the requirements of the millennial trendsetter”.

Fossil Group India Melds Fashion and Technology in Wearables

Sonny Vu, President & CTO, Connected Devices, Fossil Group, explains “Consumers are looking for their wrist-wear to do more, not just tell the time or be a fashion accessory. Fossil Group has invested huge resources across the globe. In fact, in some of the finest engineering talents. To bring cutting edge technology to our brands, while preserving and enhancing aesthetics. No one wants to walk around with a calculator-like machine strapped to their wrist!!” He adds, “Indians are very passionate about technology. They are quick to adopt the latest. And we believe India will continue to be a key market for us.”

Talking about the brand’s strategy in India, Vasant Nangia adds, “India is at the brink of a ‘connected’ revolution. Because the wearable device market sees an exponential growth. The launch of this new range of wearables is from six of our brands. Each comes with a unique character and style. In fact, it bears testimony to the Fossil Group.  The group is constantly setting new goals in understanding and meeting the changing consumer mindset. From smartwatches to fitness trackers to hybrid watches which support sleeker designs. In addition touchscreen functionality, activity tracking, smartphone notifications and more, we have it all. With 56% of the Indian population under 30 years of age, we are confident about our consumers. That they will enjoy staying digitally and fashionably connected like never before with Fossil!”

A vast range of fans and customers of Fossil Group is curious to grab these unique products. To make it as a part of their life and style.


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