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Why you tend to be formal all the time? Like A Written Word – Poetry

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Why you tend to be formal all the time?

why can’t you be normal otherwise?

Formal like written language

Why not be a word in mind?

A whisper flowing through lips

A whisper melting down in my ears

Or a prayer in whispers.

Let it be a prayer

that connects you straight with the

supreme power.

Let it be a sweet memory

that makes you smile

even after my loss.

It is not important always to have a


Rather stretch your intensity

to roll out a wish for me.

Don’t act like fire

tending upwards always.

Be yourself.

Contain sometimes everything


Let it freeze for a moment.

Let that moment become a life.

And then that life gives birth to

another life.

Isn’t it possible?

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Why set your limits?

In fact, why not look beyond?

Why not let your aspirations tend to infinity?

Watch over.

Protect yourself but

don’t be overprotective.

Keep an eye on my thoughts

but don’t guard them.

Let life be tending to you.

Let you be tending to live.

Wait for that moment.

Like a drop in the desert

Or a drop in the ocean

What would you like to be?

Do you know?

There is an ocean under a desert

and a desert under an ocean.

Let I become an ocean

Let you become a desert

And then see what a drop does

to both of us.

In fact, for a while

let desert tend to the ocean

and let ocean tend to desert.

Probably that will fill

all the voids.

Rather that will remove

all the divides.

By the way who decides

That you have to tend to be

formal all the time

like a written word.

What Tends to be formal is not necessarily formal

That word could be the one

from this poem.

Or a word that is always there in

your mind and my mind

but has never come out.

Maybe waiting for a moment.

A particular moment.



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