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Foghorn Lightning Edge Intelligence Software For Real-Time Analytics

Foghorn Lightning Edge Intelligence Software is a new-age real-time analytics from startupFoghorn Systems. The launch of the software was in September 2016. And since then it has become a big hit. The application works on Foghorn’s Lightning Software platform. The purpose of this platform, as I mention above, is for real-time analytics applications. As a matter of fact, these applications run on a small footprint edge devices. And are really easy to build, configure, and integrate. The platform empowers application developers and system integrators to build versatile high-performance edge analytics solutions. These solutions are quite helpful for industrial operations applications. The best part is the ‘no-hassle’ and quick development that is has given a winning streak to Foghorn Lightning Edge Intelligence Software.

Another beauty of Foghorn Lightning Edge Intelligence Software platform is that it also helps businesses having distributed operations. And I am sure most of the large businesses would fall in this category. Hence, it is helpful for most of the large businesses, for that matter. It helps such businesses to easily get dashboards. These dashboards help to get insights into IoT devices that are there. These industrial IoT devices that create an ecosystem of connected machines thus require an easy control and alert mechanism. Foghorn Lightning Edge Intelligence Software helps in creating that mechanism. Hence, it not only helps to get insights into these IoT-connected machines. But also in operations technology control systems and sensors that are attached to those machines. This overall architecture gives a great boost to the business in terms of automation.


Foghorn Lightning Edge Intelligence Software

At times I wonder, the technology is ready to take care of us. But are we ready? Are we capable enough to harness the power of technology? As we know, technological advancements can always help us to achieve newer heights. Foghorn Lightning Edge Intelligence Software is a new dimension in that direction.

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