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Fish by Stephen C Lundin Book Review You Get Life Only Once

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Fish by Stephen C Lundin is a fiction story. But it gives you great life lessons. It brings courage and hopes from nowhere. Only thing is you need to be alive all the time. That means never let the problems of your life overcome you. Howsoever big they are. The crux of the book Fish by Stephen C Lundin is on page 44, and I would love to write the text of that page here so that all persons who read this review get the message even if they have not read the book. 

It goes like Faith – By David Whyte I want to write about faith about the way the moon rises over cold snow, night after night  faithful even as it fades from fullness slowly becoming that last curving and impossible silver of light before the final darkness but I have no faith myself I refuse to give it the smallest entry Let this then, my small poem like the new moon, slender and barely open be the first prayer that opens me to faith

Now about the story of Fish by Stephen C Lundin. Mary Jane had to join a job as a supervisor in a company called ”First Guarantee Financials” one of the largest financial institutes in Seattle, after the sudden death of her husband Dane to take care of her kids. Mary Jane is a very successful supervisor, who has been promoted as Manager and has been rewarded a good pay hike and she is the new in charge of the third floor which is the most messed up floor, the floor that was involved in all the companies transactions, so that almost everyone had to deal with this floor but unwillingly. Everyone is sure that there is no life on 3rd Floor of this office.

Fish by Stephen C Lundin – book review

There is no energy, life in the people working on the third floor. Mary could have turned down the promotion but she has a ”can-do” attitude and thus accepts this challenge. Pike Place – the world’s largest fish market was near to her office and she used to cross it while going out for lunch. She starts observing it every day and soon learnt why it is so successful business place. And how the persons working there do a lot of work tirelessly. Then she learns certain things like – ”Change”, ”Play at work” and other things. And then she implements these at her office and changes the complete scenario in no time. As a result of this, the dead 3rd floor becomes most lively floor in the complete office. 

One must read this book Fish by Stephen C Lundin.

Important Points to remember afterwards:

1. We all have read this book ”Fish”. after reading how many of us and how much have we changed. 

2. Mary Jane was not an exceptional lady, she was as a normal person as we all are. 

3. We need not necessarily go to Pike Place as is shown in Fish by Stephen C Lundin to learn the lessons she learnt. 

4. We all have Mary Jane within us but deep frozen. We need to melt and bring her to life. 

5. It is the faith, trust, openness/willingness/courage to change, and above all self-belief that can make you learn lessons from wherever you go. 

6. How many of us would have dared to accept a promotion like this where there was a dead sure failure written on the walls everywhere. 

Fish by Stephen C Lundin – book review

7. Mary Jane learnt ”Make their day”, you make somebody happy every day and you yourself will be happy throughout the day. It is like this – As long as we run after happiness it runs away from us, the moment we start giving it we start getting manifolds. 

8. Stop worrying about past and future. Because The past is history. Moreover, The future is a mystery. As a matter of fact, Today is a gift. That is why we call it a GIFT 

9. If we seek CHANGE and don’t become a part of it, it will never happen.

The book Fish by Stephen C Lundin is fabulous and a must read for everyone. It really delivers more than what I have stated above. Do read it.

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