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His First Day In College And She Did It Again With A Blink – #ShortStory

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It was his first day in the college. He was not from around here. In fact, he was in this city for the first time. He was in a total confusion state right after landing at the city railway station. This city was entirely different from his city. He didn’t realize it earlier that it will not be having a single point to like it. But still, he will have to live here for next five years. As a matter of fact, this college was among the top five medical colleges in the country. Getting an admission there was a moment of pride for him. Everybody was so happy at home a month back when he told them about his selection here. That too with 100% scholarship. He will not have to pay for education and any other expenses in the college except the hostel fee.

The best part was that the hostel fee was very nominal. Appa’s advise for him was to keep a complete focus on studies. Getting a good rank was never a problem for him. That is what he was doing since his childhood. Topping in every class. And topping in every competition. That, in fact, was the reason for getting 100% scholarship. The college pays the scholarship to only top five scorers in the entrance exam. As a matter of fact, this was the first time he was leaving home. Leave apart for five years he will have to stay here, he had never been out from home even for a night. That was probably the bonding. Becoming a surgeon was always a wish. And he was here to make that wish true. His first day here. He has to go back to his small town after acquiring his degree.

First Day Of A New Mission

Amma and Appa were with him. They couldn’t think of sending him alone. Also, they were eager to see his college, his hostel, and his room. Amma was tense. She knows he will not be comfortable here. Staying alone away from home was very difficult for him. But then she had to keep her emotions and feelings away for a while. At least, as long as she doesn’t leave him. But he knows she will cry throughout her way back to home. Amma is always like that. She smiles always when with us. She has been a symbol of great power for the whole family. After having a satisfaction about his room and other things, Amma and Appa plan to leave. After all, they have to reach back home before our town sleeps. He should get conversant with his new routine right from the first day.

First Day
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He could see clouds getting heavier and about to rain hard. But with a blink, she does it again. He knows, it will rain only after Amma and Appa leave his college. And it will rain only at their end. But only Amma knows it is going to rain at both ends. This is his first day of a new mission of life. She did it again.


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