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Figmented Reality by Zuko Nowhere Near To Reality – Book Review

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Figmented Reality by Zuko is a total confusion. It is difficult to make out when the lead character of the story is having a hallucination. And when he is in the world of reality. Though Sid or Siddharth keeps dwindling between these two worlds but the story does not flow in a fluent manner. I have been a big fan of books Leadstart publishes but this one is an exception. Figmented Reality is not going to be part of my personal library, nor would I recommend it to read. Definitely, I will never read it again under any circumstances. If I have to rate this book, it can’t be more than 1 on a scale of 5. In fact, Figmented Reality by Zuko is an autobiography. But it is quite confusing. Especially the end is too rapid and abrupt. There are many ways where refinement of the story was possible.


I categorize any novel in one of the three categories. One, that give a strong message. Second, that are great stories. And third, inspirational and motivating. A memoir and autobiography could be part of any three. Every book has to have a purpose. This book has no purpose except a confusing and broken story. And an abrupt ending. The connecting threads are missing in the story. It is a poorly driven story. The only flawless part that I found in the book is the story of Nandita and Siddharth. This 160 odd pages book with 24 chapters is quite confusing until Chapter 18. Only interesting part is chapter 19 to 22.

Figmented Reality has many loose ends

Elsewhere I found every chapter in two portions. The first half of the chapter is generally a preaching text, while the rest part is storytelling. The two don’t gel well. The storytelling is in broken pieces. And preaching is quite boring and unconnected. In fact, the complete book could have been created in three books. One book only on preachings. And it could have been termed as self-help kind of book. In this book, there would have been no need of a story. The second book could have been a story of Veena and Siddharth. Along with the issues, Sid is facing and his family’s engagement in improving him. The third book could be an exclusive and complete story of Siddharth and Nandita. And the story could develop well as it moves. I see a big conflict in Siddharth in the story.

With the addictions and problems, he is facing he can’t be a good lover of Nandita. But he has been a good and respectful lover. Secondly, with such a level of addiction, he can’t be a good speaker. He is a good speaker at Addiction Control Center even having serious addictions.

Figmented Reality by Zuko is not impressive

The story of Figmented Reality goes like this. Siddharth is having serious addictions and similar problems in life. He gets infatuation towards Veena who is his mother’s friend. She is 32 and Sid just 16. Then Sid goes for his studies in Engineering. Here he meets Nandita. In between and after that he has a lot of issues in life. In fact, it is the only addiction, issues, and problems.


I am still unsure what Zuko is doing in the story if the lead character is Siddharth. When the story goes in flashback, Siddharth needs to be Siddharth only. Even when he is in his college days. But finally when he writes a letter to Nandita, his college mate, the signature is that of Zuko and not Siddharth. Is Zuko a reality and Siddharth an imaginative character of the same person? Overall, Figmented Reality by Zuko is fragments of many pieces. And like a puzzle you will have to keep trying in solving it endlessly. Maybe because there are many important pieces of the puzzle that are missing or lost while creating this story.

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