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Exhalation – A poem depicting three exhalations of her life

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She felt a tight grip on her hand
Could feel an animal in his eyes
And could read the dirt on his face
She wanted to resist and set her free
To run away as far as possible
But in a vain, she surrendered
She was too young to resist
His hand on her mouth was too strong
To let her throw him away
And shout in the air
She surrendered with tears in her eyes
And thus came the first exhalation in her life.

She was not able to forget that face
Even after so many years
Of a man that was double of her age
And was so strong to play a mockery of her weakness
A weakness that took away so much within few moments
But the same weakness grew as strength over the years
She wanted to attack him
The same way he did to her
And cut him into pieces
But she couldn’t
Thus came the second exhalation in her life


He is standing in front of her
Again after a gap of many years
His hair grown gray
But eyes as shrewd as ever
She could read all the shades in his eyes
She is stronger than him now
Because he has grown weak with age
He wanted to touch her feet and say Sorry
But couldn’t because she tied him with a rope
She was about to kill him
But realized
If she does it to him
It will be the same story of
Strong against the weak
Thus, she set him free
Thus came the third exhalation in her life.

Note: This poem is already printed in April 2017 issue of InkDrift as a part of a contest on Numbers. In this, I tried to depict Three Exhalations of a Woman. Hope my readers like it. Comments are welcome!

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