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English Editing and Translation Services For Book Authors @Enago @Bowker

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A new agreement between Enago and Bowker brings a beneficial proposition for book authors. Now, authors can have high-quality English editing and translation services. Enago Academy collaborates with universities to improve their research results. Similarly, the company collaborates with publishers to help them in widening their global visibility for their journals. With a presence in more than 125 countries assisting over 2 million authors for last two decades says it all. In the same context, publishing a manuscript is a tough task. The major roadblock in this is the editing. Enago plays a major role in providing English editing services thus making this tough task easier. A statistic from Enago says 99.4% of their clients’ satisfaction reflects their core strength in this field as a global service provider. Enago guarantees any manuscript they edit is sure to meet all international standards. That actually makes Enago highly trustworthy and praiseworthy.

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Enago has its headquarter in New York. It operates from 8 countries viz Now, let us understand what exactly Bowker does and what this agreement is all about. Also, how is it going to boost English editing and translation services are important to understanding. Because, if Enago is already doing it on global front with almost 100% success rate then what value addition will come from Bowker. Bowker, a ProQuest affiliate is a world leader in managing and providing solutions to publishers, authors, and booksellers. Bowker is the official ISBN Agency for the US and its territories and Australia. Its headquarter is in New Province, New Jersey. In addition, it operates from the United Kingdom and Australia. It also helps authors to self-publishing their books. Basically, it provides services for authors, publishers, and retailers/businesses. Its all-in-one promotional tools for authors is quite popular across the globe.

English Editing and Translation Services Take a New Leap

This collaboration between Enago and Bowker will add a great value to latter’s customers. They can easily take advantage of former’s world-class English editing and translation services in order to improve their manuscripts. In fact, this will be a win-win situation for all as there will be a huge cost benefit to the customers with a tremendous increase in quality and service. Beat Barblan – Director, Identifier Services, Bowker, says, “Bowker is delighted to work with Enago to offer quality author support services for maximizing the overall impact of their books. We pride ourselves on providing end-to-end guidance to our authors to make their publishing experience as smooth as possible. Partnering with Enago gives our authors a unique advantage of availing their comprehensive suite of editing and translation services, thereby significantly expediting their book production and discovery process.”

Robert Kasher – VP Strategic Alliances, Enago, says, “Book publishing is a lengthy and effort-intensive process for all authors, and we are proud to be associated with Bowker to assist their authors in receiving the exposure that they rightly deserve. Enago has established itself as a trusted partner for delivering exceptional quality author support services worldwide. With easy access to our team of expert editors, translators, and proofreaders coupled with our timely and cost-effective language services and solutions, we are sure that authors will overcome language barriers, fast-track their publication timelines, and connect with readers across the globe.”

Source of both above quotes is NBHerard.

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