Life Is An Endless Variation of Repetition – Weekly Photo Challenge #PhotoChallenge

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Life is an endless variation of repetition. Look at our brain. We store so many things here. Right from the moments of our childhood. That is phenomenal. Every day in our life has a lot of repetitions. But still there exists variation in those repetitions. Our brain can contain an endless variety of memories and ideas. Similarly, we repeat so many patterns in a day. Sleeping, getting up, coffee, getting ready, having breakfast, going to work, tea, lunch, back home, dinner, and finally sleep. Even the same pattern of sequences contain a lot of variations. Each of this repetition is a way of executing existing learning and acquiring new learning. Everything has a meaning in life. This week’s theme is to use the camera to discover the endless variety that one thing can contain. Even if I capture sun every day at the same time from the same spot.

This endless variation has actually a meaning. We must understand this meaning. On the other hand, if you capture the same object from different angles, it produces variation in each image you capture. In fact, a slight variation in light to capture same object lying at same place produces different impact in each image. Even there is a repetition of days in a month but each day has a different meaning for us. Everyone gains a different kind of experience from every moment of life.Just have a look at the image below. There is a repetition but still, there is a variation. Each storage is a repeat in size, shape, and volume. But still, each item makes a huge difference and thus differentiates each box. Even we see the same pattern of boxes, the variety of items differ in each box and thus give it a different meaning and identity.

How Do You Like The Idea of Endless Variation?

Endless variation

That is what life is. Endless variation of repetition.


Variations on a Theme

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