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EEMA Makes Event Industry A Rapidly Growing And Most Sought After Industry

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Event and Entertainment have become an integral part of our life. Event Industry is one of the fastest growing industry in the world. Although the industry is quite young, not older than 25-30 years of its emergence. But still, it is larger than Radio and Digital industries. Currently, it is $2.5 Bn industry in India. EEMA is Event and Entertainment Management Association of India. It is an apex body that helps in collaboration of all its stakeholders thereby creating a healthy ecosystem. And thus, be it global sports, entertainment, award, launch, or any other event, EEMA is the key collaborator behind the scene. It is an autonomous and non-profit organization having various companies, institutions, and professionals as its members. In fact, it has more than 1000 members and is working across 100+ cities in India.


As a matter of fact, EEMA is the first and only body in this arena of Event Industry. It aims to bring together the country’s leading Event Management, Sports Management and Brand Activation companies, MICE and Wedding Planners, Experiential Marketers, Entertainment Professionals, Artist Management Companies and International counterparts on a common platform. In fact, it is the only body representing Events and Entertainment industry of India to the government, Statutory Bodies, Taxation Authorities, Private and Municipal Licensing Bodies, Corporate Industry, Vendors, and Artists. In turn, it is setting Industry Standards in guiding its members and prescribing a Code of Conduct for its members and their employees.

EEMA Organizing first Leadership Retreat in Antalya

Incorporating in 2008, EEMA is rapidly growing in terms of membership and horizon to include all significant organized players across the length and breadth of the country. It claims EEMA members represent 80% of revenue in this industry. There are around 2000-3000 event companies in India. 50% of revenue comes from Banquet events in Hospitality segment. As of now, EEMA operates in more than 50 countries. 100 Event Managers from India are heading to attend EEMA Leadership Retreat. It will be in Antalya, Turkey from 28 May to 1 June 2017. As a matter of fact, this is the first event of its kind in the world.

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