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Dunkin Donuts Brings A Refreshing Bunch of Five #GoNutsOnDonuts

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You are missing something great if you don’t know about the new refreshing bunch of five from Dunkin Donuts. And if you know about it but yet not tried, then it is a real miss. Yet, if you have tried and not shared it with others, then you are missing a chance to do some good to others. After all, just at INR 49, each variant of this refreshing bunch of five is a fantastic treat. As a matter of fact, reasons are not difficult once you fall in love with these Donuts. You will find ample chances to enjoy and share. Rather, at this price, it is a completely no-guilt proposition. Now you have to decide if you will consume this box of six alone or going to enjoy with friends, family, or colleagues depending on the situation and occasion. In fact, you have to create a situation.

This is the right season to go nuts with Donuts. And what is better than Dunkin Donuts. That too when there is an altogether a fresh range of five donuts. In fact, now you too can have a six-pack without any laborious workouts. Rather, it is like getting one of the best treats at no cost. So why five new variants and the pack is of six. It is because every time you buy these new variants, one goes in a pair. That too of your choice. My suggestion is, keep pairing in a rotation. So here are the five variants below in no particular order. Because comparing them will be waste of time. Just buy and enjoy. Rather, share and enjoy. Here we go:

Dunkin Donuts Offers High Five

  1. Cutie Fruity: This is something quite innovative. The glaze, colorful array, flavor, and a delicious taste, all vouch for it in one go.

  2. Cinnamon: I personally love cinnamon. This variant from Dunkin Donuts comes with a distinct hint of cinnamon.

  3. Jelly Filled: I still carry childhood memories of jellies and their charm. The same comes alive with this variant. It comes with the taste of strawberry and is as soft as you can imagine.

  4. Choco Frosted: By now, I am sure you these names alone are strong enough to create a high level of curiosity. The topping of chocolate on this variant of Dunkin Donuts, in fact, creates a different kind of excitement that will not let you resist at all.

  5. Classic Glazed: Last but not the least is this variant. It comes with a hole. This, in fact, makes it a real classic piece.

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