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Donald Trump vs Stephen King – The Score is Chill All

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It is a very insignificant fight that is going on between American President Donald Trump and American author Stephen King. There is a long history of the latter being critical of former. May be the beginning goes back before even Donald became the president of America. Well, Twitter has a good role to play in this unstoppable match going between the two.

Interestingly Donald Trump has two accounts on Twitter. One as Donald J Trump that seems to be his personal account. 36.8 million followers are to his credit on this account. More interestingly he is following 45 accounts. Most of these are either his office bearers, family members, Trump clubs in various states, and few news agencies. He is also a member of a list there Hurricane Harvey. His another account is the official one as President Trump. Here he has lesser followers than his personal account counting to 20.1 million.

Donald Trump

Now coming to Stephen King on Twitter. He has 3.7 million followers and that is nothing if we compare it with Donald Trump. In fact, it is almost 10% of that. Let us see what is the most common factor between the two. Both dislike each other. As a result, Trump recently blocked Stephen King on Twitter. Probably he doesn’t want to entertain Stephen’s tweets targeting him and tagging him. This way, none of Stephen’s tweet would not reflect on Donald’s Twitter page. But that doesn’t mean Stephen can’t continue with what he has been doing. That is critizing Donald. He still can tag and tweet against Donald that would be open to public to read though those will not bother Donald anymore. In fact, media would be taking advantage of this to a large extent. Let’s see what comes out further due to this tussle between the two.

Donald Trum and Stephen King – Face to Face

Knowing this Stephen King is not at all happy with the blocking by Donald Trump. In fact, in one of the report he is planning to block Donald seeing his upcoming movie “It”. As a matter of fact, he also plans to block him seeing television series “Mr. Mercedes”. Both are based on his books. Now, how is he going to block American Preseident? Probably nobody knows.

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