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Entertain The Idea And It Will Show You The Magic: Dolphins A Short Story

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“Entertain the idea and it will show you the magic. How much goes in actual depends on your creativity. But establishing a connection is important to start with. It is certain to fetch results.” Rohit was addressing all the top management executives during the weekend training session. Any questions so far? Or we move to the next slide? Gagan had a question.

“What if the object becomes the subject itself?”

“Please elaborate.”, says Rohit.

“Okay, let me try to explain. Last year in Scotland I was enjoying Dolphins with my family. We all were on a vacation in Mexico. The place was Riviera Maya Park. It was really fascinating. My 3-year-old son Rohan was in a mesmerized mode and was jumping and clapping like anything. That was a real enjoyment for him. Surprisingly, an old couple who was there was having more interest in my son rather than Dolphins.” Gagan takes a long breath for a while.

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Then he continues, “So while Dolphins were an object of entertainment for Rohan and all of us, Rohan in turn, was an entertainment media for that Swedish couple. And you know, this was a distraction for Rashmi, my wife. She was now having fun watching that Swedish couple enjoying my son’s actions. This itself was, in fact, a kind of chain reaction. Rather for me, it was becoming difficult to ascertain who was entertaining whom?”

Dolphins are One Of The Smartest Animals

Rohit smiles for a while but immediately switches back to serious mode. “It happens, Gagan. The whole world is an amusement park. We all love to entertain ourselves. But when I become a subject of entertainment for others, even I don’t come to know often. You have given a very good example of Dolphins, Rohan, and that Swedish couple. All the three are unknown to each other but still are becoming an object of amusement for each other. And then look at the fourth person, your wife Rashmi. Moreover, who knows how long this chain was. But do you know one thing? Most of the time nature is the initiating part of the chain. Like, Dolphins in this case.” concludes Rohit.


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