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Diwali 2016 Brighten Your Health and Mood With Canola Oil

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Diwali 2016 is coming with a special message. The message is to stay healthy and happy. Obviously, both have a deep link with each other. When you are healthy, you are automatically happy. Similarly, when you are happy, you tend to be more healthy. Although Diwali is a festival of lights and sweets but then there are ways to avoid heavy stuff and enjoy with the same vigor. Diwali is also a festival of gifts. Hence, this time you can gift yourself Canola. That is the message from Chef Surjan Singh Jolly and Canolainfo.

In fact, why only gift it to yourself, gift it to all your friends and family members. As a matter of fact, this will covey the right message to all. Stay happy, stay healthy with Canola. It was good to meet Chef Jolly along with other prominent food bloggers. The occassion was to taste recipes the chef would prepare in Canola oil. The purpose was to know, learn, and experience the unbeatable characteristics of Canola oil. And to make it permanant part of our kitchen this Diwali.

Jolly Good Master Class was the star of the show throughout. The delicacies prepared using Canola Oil were being served. We had Kachori and Jalebi in the beginning. And then there were some fabulous preparations by Chef Jolly using Cânola Oil. Firstly, it was Walnut, Lotus Stem, and Fig bun. It was quite tasty. That is the speciality of Canola Oil. The oil keeps dishes light. In addition, it being tasteless, lets the ingredients get their taste in the dish. That is why, the taste of each ingredient was prominent that I could experience. Afterwards we had Smoked Chicken prepared by Chef Jolly.

Diwali Celebrations With Canola Oil

Chef Vishal was assisting in these preparations. This was because Chef Jolly was going to all the guests to let them taste the recipes. In fact, another purpose was to answer each individual’s query or listen to their ideas. Those were quite delightful moments for everyone present there.

Once the session was over, there were snacks at the back. We had Paneer Tikka, Shami Kebab, Chole Bhature, Aloo Tikki, and Chicken Tikka. Needless to mention, all preparations were in Canola Oil.  In fact, Canola’s proprties gel well with Indian atmosphere and flavors. Probably our spices will perform best with Canola Oil. And in fact, there are valid reasons for this. Firstly, Canola is neutral to taste hence giving you the original taste of the dishes. Secondly, it is trans fat-free and cholestrol-free. That is the reason of it being the third most consumed cooking oil across the globe. Thirdly, it has low viscosity thus making it more favorable. Fourthly, Canola oil has high smoking point ( >200 °C). And finally, it has a light texture. All these winning points make it a superior choice.

Bruce Jowett, Vice President of Market Development, Canola Council of Canada (CCC) was also present and was hapy ṭo admit that the popularity and adoptibility of Canola Oil  is increasing substantially across the globe. The same applies to India. And the credit for this goes to its versatility, suitability, and adaptibility. In fact, Canola is quite suitable to fight against heart disease and diabetes. That is why it is quite sensible to adopt the goodness of Canola Oil this Diwali.

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