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Devil’s Bride by KG Isaac Is A Story Of Fight Between God And Devil

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Devil’s Bride by KG Isaac is a mystery novel with a high intensity of thrill. On a broader scale, it reflects a fight between the two spiritual entities in order to take over the reigns of the universe. I think, this fight is in existence right since the birth of mankind and will last till the last person on this earth is alive. With a high level of imagination and entertainment that are the strongest points of the story, the author is able to create quite an engaging content. The story brings two persons in front of each other. One of them hails from the land of Gods while the other is from Devil’s land. The story takes place in an underworld environment thus creating a number of intense moments. It is like two persons from two entirely different worlds come face to face to carry on the intensity.

Devil's Bride

Devil’s Bride by KG Isaac is in fact, a story beyond imagination. Rabbi Menahem Mendel Schul is a famous matchmaker in Jerusalem. One fine morning, on opening his eyes he finds himself tied to the bed with heavy leather strips. In reality, that morning was not fine for him from any angle. He utilizes all his energies to recall where he is and how did he land here but to no avail. It was when a nurse in her sixties enters his room that he gets to know that he is in a hospital. But still, he is not able to recall anything about it. The nurse tells him that after losing his consciousness on Mount Meron he fell badly thus wounding his both arms badly. And it was a shock for him when he comes to know that he is here for last seven days and completely unconscious.

Devil’s Bride Is An Engrossing Thriller

Schul is in his fifties but his health is not in a sound state. After a while, the nurse leaves his vault-like room. He stars recalling and remembering the reasons why and how he is here. He remembers he was climbing the mountain with Rebecca to reach the peak where Joseph is waiting for her. But there is a difficult task for Schul that he has to complete within a year. He has to find a suitable human girl for the Devil. And if he doesn’t complete this task his body and soul will have to go through Seven Halls of Hell. Will he be able to finish his task in time? Or there is something more for him to discover? Find it in Devil’s Bride by KG Isaac that has a good amount of erotic sequences in the story.

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