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Deteriorating Journalism in India – Who Is To Blame?

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Do we all agree that journalism is deteriorating? Is the shrinking spectrum of people culprit? Who is to blame for this deteriorating journalism? Is the run for revenue churning out of news channels (print, TV and digital media) responsible? Besides the spicy stuff flowing in plenty in TV serials and reality shows. Do we as viewers and readers demand spicy news that make it attractive? In fact, Have we lost our tolerance or resistance to shout out – This is not right?

Or is it the mad rat-race among various newspapers, TV channels, and digital media to twist any news in a spicy style? Is it the only reason of deteriorating journalism? Is the mad rush of TRP and readership among these channels not to blame? As a matter of fact, Are debates, discussions etc. not being presented in an extra juicy or fierce style for a selfish motive? If we talk about the credibility of any news channel on TV or a newspaper, is there any objective mechanism to measure it? Is it not all number game that everybody is rushing to?

Who is to blame for this deteriorating journalism? The delivery side or the receiving side? TV channels or the audience? Are political relations with media agencies not killing the real meaning of journalism? Is a journalist either too cunning these days to feel the nerve of the agency he or she works for and start delivering deliberately the twisted stuff as per the need of the channel or the newspaper? Or he/she is forcefully doing it under the pressure only for his/her own survival?

What is the real cause of Deteriorating Journalism?

Where is the audience to say wrong to a wrong stuff? Or for that sake where is the journalist community to come out of their shell and commit to delivering only the right stuff in a right manner? Who is to point out boldly about the deteriorating journalism?

Where is the answer for this deteriorating journalism? Who will bell the cat? And When?

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