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Delhi MCD Elections – Just Another Round Of Mad Race to Power

A group of one party along with its leader is standing in my street. The leader, contesting in Delhi MCD elections, is on a walk to meet all voters in person. His party men are madly pressing the doorbells of the houses repeatedly. probably that is the only way to show their energy, loyalty, and dedication. Because they are facing public only before elections. After elections, it is the public who keep searching support, help, and face of the person who was at their doorstep with folded hands and smiling face. At that juncture, it is like ‘you are my world’ gesture. And after elections, the same leader becomes so busy that he forgets humanity and human beings for that sake. We are a half democratic country in reality. We have a power of electing a leader to power but thereafter we are helpless for next 5 years.

Delhi MCD Elections
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If we had the same power of throwing a leader out of power, probably the country would have never been in such a bad shape even after so many years of independence. Every time, be it Delhi MCD elections, or any other, the leaders show us a rosy path, better prospects for country, tremendous growth for everyone, and we fall prey to all this. And then it is a 5-year mission for the leader to gain tremendous personal growth, get everything for his family members, and, in turn, weaken the country as much as possible. That is the bitter truth same like our Delhi Police. Delhi Police is 100% false saying for the public. It should change it to ‘100% for the leaders’. Logically, when leaders become more powerful than law and order, it is the worse situation for any country.

Delhi MCD Elections

Look at the same scenario in a smaller angle. Compare it with an enterprise. When the top leadership in an enterprise starts making fun of rules, processes, and procedures, the disaster of the organization is not too far. Delhi MCD elections is, as usual, another mad race for power. Not to benefit voters but the winners. Once a leader wins the elections, he or she is then not at all visible.



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