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Deepali Bhardwaj Redefines Beauty By Introducing New Anti Aging HIFU

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Dr. Deepali Bhardwaj has become an icon when it comes to Skin & Hair Care. This was my second interaction with her. The first meeting was at the inauguration of her new clinic in Defence Colony, New Delhi. She is a radiating personality with a huge source of glowing vibes around. She is a pure Indian by heart. Beauty, in her words, comes from the heart. Inner beauty is as important as outer. While the latter is easily achievable to a large extent with the help of tools and techniques. And of course, expertise plays a major role in that. But when it comes to former, you the person himself has to do more efforts. The second time I met her at PHD Chambers recently where she was a guest speaker. She had to enlighten the participants on anti-aging and good skin habits.

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Dr. Deepali Bhardwaj is a prominent dermatologist with many awards and accolades to her credit. She is a consultant to many eminent personalities. But in this trade, you can’t disclose client’s names that too when they are celebrities. It is not that she adopts any new technology in the market as it is without any research. In fact, despite a big investment, a technology that didn’t work out to be useful for her clients, was discarded completely. That is what makes her genuinely serious about her work and clients. She emphasizes to stay happy, caring, and alert when it comes to your own skin care and health. So If you have a query regarding skin care, anti-aging, or dermatology, you can even tweet to her @deep_ally2_skin.

Deepali Bhardwaj

Her complete talk on anti-aging and skin care is available here in case it interests you.

As usual, it is always nice meeting Dr. Deepali Bhardwaj and getting few tips for skin care and anti-aging. [/signinlocker]

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