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Deepali Bhardwaj Redefines Beauty By Introducing New Anti Aging HIFU

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Dr. Deepali Bhardwaj has become an icon when it comes to Skin & Hair Care. This was my second interaction with her. The first meeting was at the inauguration of her new clinic in Defence Colony, New Delhi. She is a radiating personality with a huge source of glowing vibes around. She is a pure Indian by heart. Beauty, in her words, comes from the heart. Inner beauty is as important as outer. While the latter is easily achievable to a large extent with the help of tools and techniques. And of course, expertise plays a major role in that. But when it comes to former, you the person himself has to do more efforts. The second time I met her at PHD Chambers recently where she was a guest speaker. She had to enlighten the participants on anti-aging and good skin habits.

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