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Decathlon Sports India is a World of Entirety For All Sports Enthusiasts

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Frankly, I didn’t know about Decathlon Sports India before attending the launch of their newest #DecathlonHUDAOpens store. This is their fifth store in a row in NCR (National Capital Region). Moreover, it is 39th Decathlon Sports store in India. And i is amazing to know many astonishing facts about the company. It is not all about sports goods. It is also not about the huge stores. In fact, it is more amazing to know about the company itself. As a matter of fact, each executive in each store is Customer Happiness Officer or Executive.

Decathlon Sports India is a World of Entirety For All Sports Enthusiasts

Each executive is a sports enthusiast. It could be passion about any store. Like Toofan who works there is a passionate cyclist. So was the case with all other employees of Decathlon Sports HUDA store. Similarly, Sabrina, the Store Manager, is a basketball player. That way, everyone there is having a deep connect with at least one sport. Prajval is Head Operations, North India, Decathlon Sports India, is a zealous cyclist himself. And he is a mentor and motivational coach to many others working in his team.

Decathlon Sports

This, in fact, is their second store in Gurgaon. So if you, your family members, kids, or̆ friends are having a connection with any sports, you must visit a Decathlon Sports store nearest to your location. This will bring  a different kind of experience of witnessing the premier sporting goods extravaganza. Definitely, it will transport you to the world of sports where you think of a gadget, gear, or supporting elements, you will get them all, under one roof. And , of course, at the best price, and of the highest quality of international standards.

Decathlon Sports Store is world of sports in itself

Decathlon Sports stores are huge. Each store is like a sports supermarket. You have to visit any of its stores to see the range, quality, service, and presentation. The universal prime motives are same everywhere in the world. And the same applies in India across all their stores. Firstly, even if you don’t intend to buy you are most welcome to visit a store. Secondly, you will not find any selling pitch here. Rather, you can increase your knowledge on any sports products by talking to a Customer Happiness Executive at a Decathlon Sports retail store. Because each employee in the Decathlon Sports store is a sportsperson. Thirdly, if you are not satisfied with your purchase, the store aims to satisfy you without any obligation or complexity.

Decathlon Sports India is a World of Entirety For All Sports Enthusiasts

In fact, refund or replace is your choice. Additionally, it does not matter from which store you make your purchase and which store you visit in case of any issue. The customer is the king at Decathlon Sports stores. And finally, you will get all your sports needs fulfilled here. As a matter of fact, there is a trial ground to test your equipment before making a purchase. Lastly, the Decathlon Sports stores give top priority to customer’s voice. You can give suggestions and recommendations. And the action is fo sure as each voice reaches the top management in no time. Did I tell you that you can make online purchases too from their e-commerce portal?

Decathlon Sports stores are the first choice of sports world

Since all the manufacturing of sports products is in-house, the customer is bound directly to get the price and quality benefits. Because it is directly from manufacturing to retail under one roof. With its head office in France, the organization promises to adhere to international standards irrespective of the country they operate in. That makes Decathlon Sports products the first choice for any sports enthusiast. Whether you are a new entrant in the world of sports or an existing professional, the stores fulfill all your sports needs. Thus Decathlon Sports India is a World of Entirety For All Sports Enthusiasts.

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