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Communal Roosting Is As Old As Dinosaurs – New Discovery

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With the recent discovery of Dinosaur trio, roosted together like birds reveal some significant facts about the Dinosaurs regarding Communal Roosting. In fact, the fossils seem to be 70 million years old. Probably, the trio was roosting and sleeping and died in that position. It was some poachers who found a stone block with three young dinosaurs snuggled together in sleep. The poachers had a plan to hack the stone out of the Mongolian desert. Researchers, in fact, acknowledge that this 70-million-year-old stone block is a new kind of discovery to reveal dinosaurs sleeping in a group. As a matter of fact, among modern species, we can see the similar behavior in crows and bats engaging in Communal Roosting.

Communal Roosting
Photo via Visual hunt

In fact, practicing Communal Roosting helps animals to regulate their body temperature and avoid attacks by predators. Scientists feel that these dinosaurs were probably siblings. Greg Funston, Palaeontologist, University of Alberta, Canada says was leading the team of scientists to study and analyze the fossils. He says, “The trio clearly had a quite close bond. They were living together at the time of death.” On 25 August at the annual meeting of the society of Vertebrate Paleontology in Calgary, Canada, he was describing the fossils.

Communal Roosting
Photo via VisualHunt

Communal Roosting Is a Sign of Rich Social Lives Among Animals

The stone specimen was seized by Mongolian customs at an airport in 2006. Probably it was during an attemp to suggle it out of the country. Federico Fanti, Vertebrate Palaeontologist, university of Bologna, Italy was the one to conduct a geochemical analysis of this fossil. He reveals that the danosaurs were from the Bugiin Tsav in the Gobi desert. In fact, Bugiin Tsav is a fossil site there. As a matter of fact, Fanti was to present this geochemical data on 24 August, during the same palaeontology. These are, in fact, stunning revealations regarding Communal Roosting. It shows a sign of rich social lives among animals. And, probably, this is the best specimen to demostrate it among Dinosaurs.




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