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#CleanUpCashOut Is Not An Issue At All Now To Sell Your Old Gadgets

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Do you know that the dirt you gather on your face can get you some cash #CleanUpCashOut? Or for that sake, your hair, nails, or torn old shoes too can get you some cash. Do you believe this? Well, it was just a joke. Though I hear sometimes that barbers sell the hair in bulk but I am not sure if that happens in reality. Generally, we clean the dirt with soap and/or towel. But you never keep that soap or towel having dirt from your face as a souvenir. Nobody does that in fact. Neither do we keep our hair, nails, or torn shoes as a remembrance because they were part of our body (nails and hair) or we were using it for a long time (shoes). But the same doesn’t happen in case of electronic gadgets. Do we throw them so easily and for free?

I don’t think the same applies to a costly laptop or smartphone you possess. The same is the case with me. I was having a number of smartphones that I was using one time of the other during last two decades. At times I would think of throwing them in junk but then two things would not allow me to do so. My conscious would tell me that this was a costly commodity at the time of purchase. So, logically I should not discard it if now I have another smartphone or this one is not functioning well. I don’t know but I have a strange feeling that electronic gadgets also have cells and tissues. And by chance, if any smartphone or laptop is not functioning well, keep it aside for a while and it will revive back to normal as #CleanUpCashOut. But I know, that doesn’t happen.

#CleanUpCashOut For Every Gadget?

Last week there was an ultimatum from my wife to throw all old smartphones and a couple of laptops that are lying at home without any use. I couldn’t believe that. How can someone so close to you tell you to throw your most precious things in life? I must try them to sell off in the second-hand market, I thought. In fact, there are a number of online portals to achieve that. It would be an easy task just to post and somebody would respond immediately. That was the impression I was carrying in mind. So I picked my prettiest and precious laptop from my old items department and put it on sale on the topmost portal that promises to get you a quick response from the buyers. As quick as, say, within 48 hours for #CleanUpCashOut. But nobody knows your destiny better than time to come.

Photo credit: Mike Dent via / CC BY-NC-ND

Well, my laptop was there on the home page of that portal and I was waiting for a call from a buyer. I was continuously dreaming of #CleanUpCashOut. I was not even sure whether I would get the amount I have in mind or that would be far less than that. After 24 hours when there was no response from even a single buyer I was doubting on the sanctity of that portal and its claims. How many people would be posting their items on the portal believing that the transaction will happen within 2 days successfully? But in reality, that is not the case, it means. Mostly, it is like posting the item and then keep waiting for a few days. And finally withdraw your item from the portal, it that allows or forget it. Every day my anxiety level was dipping down. I was losing hope now.

#CleanUpCashOut Was Turning To A Dream

Finally, after 5 days of desperate waiting, I had no other option than removing my saleable item from that portal. In fact, by the time I was no mood to dispose all my old gadgets off at any cost even if I don’t get a single penny out of it. But now that is not the case. Just go here and use coupon code CLEANCASH to get an additional Rs.250 on the sale of your gadgets. And be sure of #CleanUpCashOut, unlike early bad experiences.


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