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Now Don’t #CleanUpCashOut For Practically Nothing Use CLEANCASH

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It was a horrifying experience for me while selling my iPhone 2 through a portal. The portal was new and probably the first one to sell your old gadgets but with no CLEANCASH. On the other hand, my iPhone device was quite old, out of use, in fact, a senior citizen in my gadgets. Hence, at that moment, my feeling was to try all her luck out to let her go to some other deserving hands. Someone else, who buys it from me might be planning to use it after repair. That would probably bring my device’s cheers back to her life and she was feeling quite alone and useless. Even Bruno, my Labrador would not throw a look at her anymore.  When I was using my iPhone 2 it was probably a point of jealousy for Bruno. But now the device was like an empty bottle of wine for a drunkard.

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So the device was up for sale and I was getting calls off and on from various probable customers. But, in fact, I was not getting an appropriate price offer that I was expecting. We all have high expectations in life. And these expectations vary depending on out stature of buyer and seller. If I am a buyer, my vision of looking at the item I want to buy will entirely different than that of a seller. While buying, especially second-hand items we become too critic and knowledgeable. With all my wisdom, I would try to convince the seller that the price of the item should be half than the price he is trying to sell it at. But when I am a seller and some seller tries to teach me like that, I call him a person having no knowledge about that product. That is life.

CLEANCASH Gives You Better Option

Bruno is quite a genius in many aspects. He would sense the things in advance. Probably he was having a capability to read text on a laptop screen or decipher my words correctly. I feel he had come to know about my initiative to sell that old iPhone 2 gadget. I am sure it was out of his memory by now. Since it was lying in a box and the box was lying on top of a tall cupboard. I don’t think if Bruno was even aware of where it was lying. The calls I was getting on the second day from prospective buyers were less interesting for me because none of them were giving a good offer. But, at least, getting calls was a good sign to stay hopeful. It was fine if I had to bring its selling cost a bit low. Bruno was sensing something.

Photo via Visual hunt

But I was in no mood to dispose it off by dropping its selling price more than 10% of what I had in mind. Bruno is sober by all means and nobody would expect him to do something annoying. On the third day, there was a call from a person staying around 50-60 miles away from my home. He was eager to buy my old iPhone 2 at the price I was demanding. This was good enough to raise my curiosity. Anxiously, I wanted to know the reason. He was a person who was passionate about any old models of iPhone. And would collect them to his lot as and when getting a chance. Next day 9’O clock in the morning was the deal time when he would come to my place, collect the device and pay me the cash.

CLEANCASH Gives You An Advantage

Destiny and Bruno had some other plans. I could not find the box where it was to be. The person was sitting in my drawing room with cash in his hand eagerly waiting for the device. And then was the shocking moment for me. Bruno was chewing my iPhone 2 device so badly that it was almost out of shape. I didn’t want to spoil the show. In fact, I had to send the person back after he had two cups of coffee and some cookies. I had to humbly describe him the real situation that he was able to understand easily. But if you have an old laptop or smartphone that you want to dispose off, just go here. In fact, if use the coupon code CLEANCASH you will get an additional Rs.250 on the sale of your gadget.

Also, don’t forget to watch the following video for complete clarity of the process.

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