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Cisco Industrial Network Director To Help IT and Operations

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If you want to get full visibility and control of your industrial network you need to go for Cisco Industrial Network Director. it not only helps you for your IT functions but also for your overall operations. With the release of the Industrial Network Director in 2016, Cisco creates a new paradigm to help IT and operations. The heterogeneous teams now can work together in order to gain complete visibility and control of network and automation devices. This is a new age network management system that offers purpose-centric user experiences. It not only collaborates non-IT operations personnel but also creates a common framework for operations. This framework, in turn, helps operations to manage and control the industrial network. In addition, it also helps in quick recovery from any kind of downtime. Hence, Cisco Industrial Network Director is a boon for industries that crave for automation and better controls.

The key features of Cisco Industrial Network Director include:

  1. Real-time monitoring of device metrics,
  2. Traffic statistics,
  3. Network infrastructure status

These key deliverables of Cisco Industrial Network Director thus help in improving network health, performance, and uptime. Not only this, it also helps in creating a better access control mechanism. In fact, with this mechanism, you can create customizable permission matrix thereby restricting system access to only right candidates. In fact, this authorization mechanism to users is on a per-feature basis thus making it fully secure and safe. This, in turn, increases overall equipment effectiveness (OEE).

Cisco Industrial Network Director

You can go through Specifications at a Glance below:

  • Industrial network assets discovery customized for automation and control environments
  • Automation endpoint discovery using Common Industrial Protocol (CIP) and PROFINET industrial protocols
  • High-performance topology framework that provides an interactive experience in visualizing connectivity between automation and networking assets
  • Optimized alarm management with real-time alerts of network events and reporting of effects to automation assets to simplify troubleshooting issues
  • Real-time monitoring of device metrics, traffic statistics, and network infrastructure status for improved network health, performance, and uptime
  • Role-based access control with customizable permission mapping to restrict system access to authorized users on a per-feature basis
  • Detailed audit trails for operational visibility of network changes, additions, and modifications
  • Zoom-in capabilities from network to single device alarm
  • Integration with Cisco Active Advisor, a free cloud-based service providing essential network lifecycle information to make sure security and product updates are current

You can try Cisco Industrial Network Director for free for a 90-day evaluation period by by downloading through this link Download now. You can also access Data Sheets and Literature through following two links:

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