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A Silhouette of A Three-Ring Circus With No Confusion #ShortStory

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Bally Broads and Bally Girls we getting ready. The booking for the show was full. After Show, there was a secret performance. Thatis going to be a showstopper. It will be a small performance. That is what everyone knows. Nothing beyond that. Shaw Circus is always a hit. Every year it would come to the city for a month. The whole city would flood like anything to attend the first show. This year it was something special. It was the Diamond Age of the Circus. Rony Shaw is the owner, director, and producer of this circus. In fact, he wants his signature on every feature of the show. He is a greedy and cunning man in late 40s. He is running this circus now for almost 20 years. But his connection with the circus world is much older. He was working as an announcer in Star Circus.

20 years back Rony launched Shaw Circus. Ruby was hardly 2-year-old at that time. She doesn’t like Rony right since her childhood. Neither does she know what is the relationship between them. But she hates the way he has been using for his shows. In fact, he forces her to perform dangerous acts of swinging at extreme height, jumping in the air, and performing a dance. She didn’t like any of these things. In fact, she didn’t like the way he tortures his 300 odd staff for some reason or the other. Thrashing, abusing, beating, and even killing was his favorite pass time. Right now She was accompanying Shaw for a final round in the backyard to ensure everything was in place. Dressing rooms, padrooms, wardrobes, costumes, ring stock tents, doctor’s wagon, performer’s rest areas, tailor’s wagon, animal cages, dens, horse tents; everything was in place.

Rony was also Boss Hostler in Shaw Circus

Rony was also a Boss Hostler of the circus in addition to various other roles he handles. Ruby could see Rony’s silhouette against the bright dimming sun. There was some calliope coming from some distance that was grabbing Rony’s attention. She could see Candy Butchers crossing Clown Alley to check their inventory of items to sell during the show. In fact, their sale would start from Grandstand. The House was almost ready for the performance. Rocky works as He is a Grinder as well as a Joey. He is as shrewd as Rony. In fact, everyone in the house feels it is Rocky who sparks hatred and violence in Rony’s mind. But both are crooked. Rocky signals Rony from the other hand that the show will begin at 6 sharp. It was 5. People have already been entering and grabbing their seats. That is when Ruby spots Vicky.

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Vicky is an aerialist and Ruby’s partner in adagio. He is perfect with hoops. In fact, he also loves to perform as an Auguste. Pancake throw was our favorite piece of art during the performance. Vicky also hates Rony and Rocky. Today’s After Show was going to be a big hit. Rocky is playing as a hero. Rony is the villain. Ruby is acting as a princess. Rony, wearing a mask, kidnaps Ruby and is about to kill her with a knife when Rocky appears from nowhere, takes out his gun, and shoots Rony. The house is full. The show is running perfectly. Risley Act by Vicky and Ruby got a huge applause. And then it was the turn of After Show. The final act or the climax was shocking. Rocky fires at Rony but the pistol is real and Rony dies on the spot. Police arrests Rocky.

Vicky is an Aerialist and Ruby’s Partner in Adagio in Shaw Circus

It is a clear-cut murder case in front of a huge gathering. Ruby’s final show was over. She could see the silhouette of Rony’s dead body and Rocky disappearing with police in the backdrop of rising moon. Nobody knows how Rocky get the possession of Rony’s real pistol. In fact, he had to perform the act with a dummy. Rocky gets a 7-year jail term for murdering Rony. Rocky tries to prove he is innocent. He states that the pistol was given to him by Rony only but then there is no evidence and hence the defense lawyer proves him guilty. Only Vicky knows or Ruby knows the truth. Vicky has the same height and built as Rony. In fact, he used Rony’s mask before the After Show to hand him over Rony’s real gun.

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It was Vicky who told Ruby 10 days back that both Ruby and Vicky are the kins of Star Circus owners Binu. Rony murdered Binu in a very clean way through elephants crushing his body during a live show. It was nothing but a serious accident in police records. Both Vicky and Ruby were siblings. Ruby is happy standing near the window witnessing the rising sun. Vicky is smiling looking at her Silhouette.


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