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Preventing Child Abuse Is An Uphill Task But Not Impossible

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Coping with modern life is part of a new program in schools in England. All the students between the age group of 11 to 16 are part of this program to learn new strategies. But in India, this issue is not limited to schools. Rather it is beyond schools. Because around 40% of the younger generation living below the poverty line doesn’t go to school. But being a part of society where all kind of people exist hailing from various streams of life and social status, Child Abuse is a possible risk for every child. It is important to eradicate this disease. This is something related to mindset and thus it is important to cleanse every mind. Logically, like in England, here too there should be lesson plans for teachers and students to use in their personal and social education classes. Online stress is another abuse to address.

Child Abuse
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First of all, building the crucial life-skills for young kids is important. It is important because it will help them to develop their resilience. In fact, it will also help them in improving their mental health and well-being. Raising a voice against any kind of abuse is important for a child. More important is to raise an alarm the moment a crime or abuse happens. This is will not only weaken the crime and criminals but also bring awareness in the society. When similar voices rise from various corners, it helps in creating forums and social groups to fight against such evils. In fact, punishment to criminals engaged in child abuse should be stringent. Courts should conclude such cases fast in order to hold the reigns of other criminals thinking about such evils. Education programs, on the other hand, are important to conduct especially in poor class segments.

Fighting Against Child Abuse Is A Collective Social Drive

There should be a healthy environment for kids to share their bad experiences openly in family, schools, and society and the way they cope up with such situations. It will definitely help others in fighting against this evil.

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