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Chef Ebbe Vollmer Runs Master Class at The Lodhi

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It was a wonderful day to attend the Master Class, a premium and unique tasting session at The Lodhi just a couple of days back. The invite was from Embassy of Sweden. And the celebrity chef to run the master class was none other than Chef Ebbe Vollmer of Vollmers. Vollmers is a two Michelin restaurant in Malmo, Sweden. The tasting host was Chef Vijay Thapliyal. All in all, during the Chef from Sweden in his two hours session, talked about three dishes whose recipes I will talk about below. In fact, it was a good learning from Chef Ebbe Vollmer. The three dishes were Crispy Potato Cake with Smoke Sour Cream & Salted Fishes, Pan Fried Loin of Lamb with Charred & Pickle Green Tomatoes, and Lingonberry Apple with Light Cream Cheese Mousse. Obviously, it was a wonderful session to learn these three unique dishes.

It is easy to learn to prepare these three dishes that Chef Ebbe Vollmer talks about. If we talk about the recipe of the first dish you need Potatoes, Oil, Onions, Cheese (or Fish Eggs). And it is easy to prepare too. You just need to follow the instructions thoroughly. Take 4 baking big potatoes. Peel them. Slice them in thin pieces preferably on a mandolin. Slice them further with a knife so that they become very thin Jullian. Soak them in water so that the starch goes away. Meanwhile, heat oil to around 140 degrees. Put some kind of mould inside the oil in order to get your cakes brown. Roll the potato. Wait for 5 seconds and then gently push all the edges with a fork. After cooking gently on one side, flip it other side carefully to repeat the same.

Crispy Potato Cake with Smoke Sour Cream & Salted Fishes.

Chef Ebbe Vollmer is from Sweden

Wait till it stops bubbling and becomes light golden in color. Don’t let it stay in oil the moment it starts getting light golden. Take it out else it might turn bitter in taste. Serve it with the choice of topping like onion, cheese sprinkles, or fish egges. That was the first dish from Chef Ebbe Vollmer.

Lingonberry Apple with Light Cream Cheese Mousse.

The second dish from Chef Ebbe Vollmer, Pan Fried Loin of Lamb with Charred Leeks & Pickle Green Tomatoes is equally intersting to prepare. Fry the lamb in the pan. Ensure to keep the fatty side down. Cook it nicely till it gets a nice color. Cover it with Rum and leave it for some time. Put some extra butter in it. Heat it till it becomes golden brown all over. Now put it in the oven at 150 degrees. Wait till quarter temperature is 51 degree. Now rest it for 10 minutes. Garnish it with picle green tomatoes.

Next, slice completely hard green tomatoes on the mandolin. Take pickling liquid and luke warm it with mustard seeds. Ensure to blanch mustard seeds first to remove the spiciness from it. Take 1 part Vinegar, 2 part Sugar, 3 parts Water, and spring onions. For sauce there will be a red wine reduction and put a bit of toast. Roast it for some time and split it with a bit of oil.

Pan fried Loin of Lamb with charred leeks & pickle green tomatoes.

Chef Ebbe Vollmer conducts a Master Class

The third dish from Chef Ebbe Vollmer was Lingonberry Apple with Light Cream Cheese Mousse. For that you take 4 Green Apple. Why Green Apple because that has the least sugar in it. Slice it very thin on mandolin. Let the slices by long. Make brined from Lingonberry. Take 300 grams of Lingonberry. In case you don’t find Lingonberry replace it with Raspberry, Blueberry, or Strawberry. Boil the berries with half amount of sugar and water. For instance, in this case we are using 300 grams of Lingonberry. So take 150 grams of sugar. Boil Lingonberry and sugar in 150 ml of water. Soak apple slices in it for 6 hours. Soak them in a tight lid jar or a vacuum bag so that the flavor does not go away. After 6 hours marinate them.

Crispy Potato Cake with Smoke Sour Cream (veg)

For the Mousse you need to take 225 grams of Cream Cheese. Add some sugar and wipe cream. Don’t wipe it for too long to avoid splits. This will result into a nice and light cream Cheese Mousse. Take a spoonfull of mousse. Decorate the apple slice with it. Sprinkle some lingonberry’s powder on it. And enjoy the dish! Hope you relish these three dishes from Chef Ebbe Vollmer in the same way as others.

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