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Chadha Aunty & Sons DLF Phase 3 Gurgaon @chadhaaunty For North Indian Food Delivery

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The rates of dishes from Chadha Aunty & Sons are quite nominal. There was a little delay in the delivery but hardly by 10 minutes which is totally acceptable. Especially looking at the chaotic traffic conditions in Delhi NCR. The quality of various food dishes ranges between of excellent to good. Packing definitely needs a little improvement in items other than Paneer Tikka which as exceptionally good. Quantity is fine except for the size of Paneer pieces in Paneer Makhani. Some innovative solutions here and there can definitely help in all this and raise the level of customer satisfaction. It is typically Punjabi food. I had following four dishes from the outlet and this is my first order from here.

Chadha Aunty & Sons

Amul Malai Paneer Tikka: If I have to explain it in a single word, it is Fabulous. Amul and Malai I can’t verify but the taste of Paneer Tikka is excellent. Next time when you order from here, don’t forget to try it if you haven’t so far. The most interesting factors are its taste and packing. Both are excellent. In fact, the level o packing of Paneer Tikka is beyond expectations. Rather, it seems all other packings and this packing are done at different places. I am sure that would not be the case. That is why bring the same level of packing in other items will definitely improve the reputation and customer trust. These small things help a lot in improving business volume exponentially.

Paneer Tikka From Chadha Aunty & Sons – A Must Try

Paneer Makhani With Buraani Naan: Somehow I hate rubbery Naan and hence I didn’t like it. Usually, all Naan are rubbery because of very fine flour they use in it. Maybe for customers who are health conscious, they can keep an option of Parantha with Paneer Makhani. Paneer pieces in the dish are too thin. Please increase the thickness of those pieces. Maybe half of your Paneer Tikka size (in thickness) will suffice the purpose.

Subz Biryani with Raita: A full box of veg Biryani is good enough for two. A rich aroma hits your nostrils the moment you open the box. Thick long rice, with a variety of veggies and a right mix of spices & oil, makes it a rich dish to savor. Vegetables include beans, peas, carrot, cauliflower, onion, and some leafy stuff is good in quantity. To accompany it, you have veg Raita. In fact, the Raita gets an edge over the Biryani in taste, ingredients, and taste. Maybe next time Raita as the main dish and Biryani as a support dish is not a bad idea.Tandoori Methi Parantha Makhan Naal: The smell of Methi was good. I was under impression that there will be a small container having Makhan. It was not so. Neither was any good amount of Makhan on it. But overall, it was fine and tasty.

Chadha Aunty & Sons

Tandoori Methi Parantha Makhan Naal: The smell of Methi was good. I was under impression that there will be a small container having Makhan. It was not so. Neither was any good amount of Makhan on it. But overall, it was fine and tasty.

Jeera Rice From Chadha Aunty & Sons Is Too Oily

Jeera Rice is too oily. Excessively. Either change its name to Jeera Fried Rice or bring the excessive oil level down. But then I think Oil and Spices is a mark of North Indian food.

Two small suggestions for Chadha Aunty & Sons for quick action and implementation. Firstly, please don’t send cut onion in a paper bag in loose. While the inside foil concept is good to avoid it from getting soggy but that doesn’t stop the liquid spilling out and spoiling other packets. It spoils the impression and image of your outlet. It is also not a good practice in terms of hygiene. Also, you can put a ziplock in this bag. The foil coating inside to avoid it from getting soggy is fine. Still, if you have some convincing reason for using it as it is, then you need to convince your customers on this. Secondly, improve the quality of the plastic boxes in which dishes come. These are too thin to handle and that is risky too. Overall, packing needs improvement.

In many of my reviews, you will find many delivery companies that maintain a very good quality packing standards for which I appreciate them. They have a nice website where you can order food online directly. Overall, Chadha Aunty & Sons is a good place for trying typical North Indian food.

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