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Chaayos Summer Menu Quite Refreshing and Innovative

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Visiting Chaayos is always a pleasure. There is a different kind of dynamism and energy at any Chaayos outlet. The same is with its Netaji Subhash Place outlet where we went for Chaayos Summer Menu. There is something unique about their innovative products that they launch. Like their winter menu where we had a savory of tradition with innovation. The Gur Wali Chai and Chatkaara Chai still bring the taste back in my mind as refreshing as it was at that time. And then the all-time hits like Paneer Thepla Tacos and Chicken Thepla Tacos. In addition, Shami Nachos and Kulhad Pav Bhaji. That way, Chaayos has become a phenomenon. Probably every time it sets a new benchmark when it comes to innovations in food. Around 20% of sales goes to home delivery section. Chaayos Summer Menu will definitely take it to more than double in no time.

Chaayos is the most favorite destination for Chai, Nashta, and more. The surprising factor always remains there on every next visit. Because there are some new dishes waiting for you to try. In fact, the range of food varies from very light to filling items. So you can try the ones as per your requirement. And then, the variety of tea available is to cover all moods and tastes. Let us now talk about the new Chaayos Summer Menu. In Iced Tea, there are three new variants. These are Aam Panna, Kaala Khatta, and Pineapple Strawberry. All three variants will bring back your childhood memories back the moment you take the first sip of any of the three. In Feasts, the new entrant is Kulhad Matar Kulcha. So with two Kulchas, you get two Kulhads. Sprinkle the lemon over the Kulhad and make your Matar a little tangy.

Chaayos Summer Menu

Never mind if the Matar is a little spicy because of green chilly. That covers up with the Kulcha and makes a good combination. Palak Patta Crispies is going to be another hit like Kulhad Pav Bhaji. Though these crispies look thin in shape but are promisingly fulfilling and satisfying. So much so that you might go for another serving. Another new addition in Nashta section is Kaala Chana Chaat. This is another complete meal for health conscious people. And your visit is not complete if you don’t try the new cakes in Chaayos Summer Menu. These are Blueberry Lemon Cake and Fruit Factory. None of the drinks derive from concentrates or syrups. It all comes from the fresh juices and pulps.

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