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Chaayos Winter Menu Review – A Savory of Tradition with Innovation

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It has been always pleasant to visit Chaayos anytime for a refreshing tea and snacks. Especially when you exhaust yourself in shopping in a mall. That is why strategically you find Chaayos in Malls to serve you better. And, in fact, to energize you back to your toes for further shopping. My first visit was at the Moments mall, Kirti Nagar which has sweet memories. And thereafter every visit does the same. Similarly my visit to Chaayos Pacific Mall, Tagore Garden is equally memorable. Since they keep creating innovative menus almost every quarter, you are equally bound to get something new and refreshing everytime there.

As a matter of fact, more than 26 outlets in Delhi NCR say it all about the popularity and love towards Chaayos. You name any prominent malls in Delhi-NCR and you find it there without say. And that is the reason people like me find it easily at most of the shopping malls and thus enjoy its savory dishes and teas. As we all know, tea is anytime better than coffee. There are cases where coffee is not suitable for many persons. But on the other hand, tea is always harmless and refreshing. Coffee might give you a quick kick. But tea always gives a long term soothing and relaxing impact. Rather tea is refreshing for any age – old, young, or even kids. That makes Chaayos an all time favorite.

Chaayos Winter Menu – Relishing dishes and teas

Three new Chaayos tea flavors in the winter menu are – Gur Wali Chai, Golden Green, and Chatkaara Chai. While the Gur Wali Chai is an age old tradition of Indian homes but so far was never available in any tea outlets. This is a must try. Secondly, Golden Green is, I would say, Green++ tea. This is more than any green tea available in any outlets, or in the markets. And thirdly, Chatkaara Chai is something like Hajmola tea. This is, again, an innovation in the tea segment. It is tea, as well as a digestive remedy.

In feasts, I would recommend three must haves. First one is Thepla Tacos. Veg or non-veg is your choice. In veg, it is Paneer Thepla Tacos. And in non-veg, you can try Chicken Thepla Tacos. The second one is Shaami Nachos Veg. This is a real treat. And the third one is Kulhad Pav Bhaji. The floating butter on top of your Bhaji is really tempting. Overall, as I say, Chaayos is always refreshing and soothing.

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