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Central Government Doesn’t Respect Supreme Court In Life Matters?

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Either our governments should make every stupid thing legal like organ trading, child trafficking, drugs, casino, etc. or they should start respecting our Supreme Courts. Whenever a verdict like crackers ban in Delhi comes from the court, we see nothing but silence on central government front. We will keep dreaming of becoming a developed country but in actual never do an effort in that direction. So when this directive comes from the court, why can’t Narendra Modi who is so fond of tweets and selfies shoot a tweet supporting the decision. Is every government so weak in speaking out boldly because it will impact inside trading of votes and funds? So there doesn’t seem to be a good level of harmony between our law operatives and lawmakers. Then how any government can expect respect in return?

Central Government
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Good thing for government is that the law and court are always above these things. Why can’t central government publish a strict notice in all leading newspapers and social media warning state government, police, and traders to abide by this verdict else face an action? Our police mechanism is like a bonded laborer who never acts without any directive from above. And the officers above them are mostly serving politicians instead of serving the country. Though their oath after finishing their training is about serving country selflessly. As long as central government acts like Dhritrashtra in these sensitive and long term impacting matters police feels pride in becoming Draupdi. The time is changing rapidly. Youth of our country is noticing the character of each party and politician. Voice matters.

Central Government Needs To Be Clear And Loud

And as a party and country leader we know what should you speak loudly and what reasons seal your mouth and not let any voice come out. Otherwise is it difficult to seal all crackers selling outlets? But it all depends whom do you favor and where does your loyalty fall and for what reasons. Are you serious about coming generations and their health? Or do we want our next generations to come with weak limbs, heart, mind, and body? What is more important? A short term gain in terms of money and votes or a long term vision of creating a healthy India? Your not speaking and acting (despite having the power to do so) on these matters clearly shows your real interest. The favorite game of any politics is wait and watch. But real leaders always act in time. Boldly. We still have high hopes from central government.

State government in Delhi is no more than a pack of puppets now. Society also needs to play a major role in this. By speaking out and demanding action. But not like some stupid public figures like Chetan Bhagat who says Diwali comes only once a year and kids and youth of our country can’t enjoy the festival without crackers. So let us continue the way we are and create 80% of pollution in one single day. I tried to remind him 80:20 rule thinking he is an engineer. But I forgot that he is merely a creator of regular kind of stories of no values and depth. He is not a serious literature guy in my opinion. He loves to create masala in his stories and woo youth. But not all youth love and live for masala. The millennial is proving a new mark of maturity and sensibility.

Central Government needs to play a major role in this.

Diwali, in fact, is a festival of light, prayers, and harmony. Finally, I wish to see our police using power not to create fear but to remove it. But before they are able to perform this way, they will have to kill their own internal fears and pressures coming from the top to perform only the way they want them to perform. Something like bonded labor? Otherwise why will not they act when someone is selling crackers in front of them? Or someone burning crackers and making mockery of health of future generations? Openly raping the environment? Another way could be if central government favors crackers why not allocate a space for burning crackers, far away from the places where civilized people live.

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