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Celebrities Sharing Bullies During Their Childhood #Bullies #Bullying

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Being an international celebrity is a big thing. A life full of high profile and luxury lifestyle. Where life is full of style. But then that is their profession. In fact, that becomes a necessity to maintain. But it doesn’t mean that celebrities have their childhood or past entirely different or extraordinary. They too encounter incidents during their childhood. And some of these incidents are not very sweet ones. In fact, even their glamorous life and huge fan following don’t let them bury those incidents and forget everything. Rather, it is better to share to showcase how they didn’t let such incidents let them down in life. And despite all they had the courage to stand up tall against all odds. That is why it becomes more important celebrities sharing bullies during their childhood that will boost and encourage the younger generation.

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Celebrities sharing bullies during their childhood will definitely motivate their viewers and fans. Kristin Cavallari, former “The Hills” and “Laguna Beach” celebrity star shares her bullying experience in school. In fact, she had to face a hard time. She shares that the miscreants who are bullying her on social media belong to an insecure place and mindset. She very bravely says that it is not about her, rather it is about them. The best way is to block them and delete their comments. On the similar note, Olivia Holt, Victoria Justice, Padma Lakshmi, Sara Rue and many other celebrities had similar kind of experiences during their childhood. It is quite encouraging for the young girls to learn celebrities sharing bullies.

Celebrities sharing bullies encourages young girls to stand tall

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Like, Olivia Holt, a famous stuntwoman in Disney Channel had to struggle during her middle and high schools. Though she is just 19 now but she shares that her experiences were quite stressful and painful. Victoria Justice had a daunting experience once. Her friend didn’t invite her at a function because of the fear that she would steal the attention as she was a famous TV actress. Gradually, such incidents help them to learn and cope with the similar kind of situations in later parts of life. That is why Celebrities sharing bullies make a strong impact on their fans and viewers. In a similar kind of incident, it was hard for top Chef host Padma Lakshmi to continue her school because of bullying. In fact, it could be anything like her name, her lunch, her looks and so on.

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As a matter of fact, Padma Lakshmi shares a serious incident of her days in seventh grade. Sylvia, a girl in her class would bully her quite badly. In fact, someone punched her in the face some day when she resisted bullying. All these things made her quite lonely and scared. Rather, she even had to change her name because of bullying as per a report. Even Sara Rue, a celebrity of “Less than Perfect” fame had her experience of bullies. But she insists to always believe in yourself and keep moving in such a way that nothing lets get you down in life. These are some of the cases of celebrities sharing bullies during their childhood or school days. Sharing always gives strength to younger ones to cope up with the situation well.

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