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Every Iota Of Energy Has To Work Together To Achieve #CelebratingSuper

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As of now reaching a stage of #CelebratingSuper where we can call Delhi a smart city is quite far off. Though a lot of projects are under development and a very few might be under deployment too but they all are in isolation mostly in a disorganized manner without synchronizing all of them together to avoid duplication, extra energies consumption, chaos, and over-usage of funds. We must understand that there is a limit to all resources, manpower, and funds. As far as natural resources are concerned, we are moving into danger zone fastly because of them becoming scarce. Also important is to note how many of these projects are connected to the real life of Indian atmosphere and culture and are not a mere copy paste of a foreign project blindly.

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Though some global projects in this regard may be applicable in our country too even a global project needs to cater to local factors thus demanding some level of localization and customisation. We really need to introspect at individual, societal, and country level that how much we take from the environment and what do we contribute back to its longevity and sustenance? Have we not become totally selfish in this regard? But, the time has come now to start thinking and acting in that direction. Otherwise, our next generations will never forgive us. In fact, they will be the ones paying heavy prices for the undue advantages we are taking today. Rather, we are not respecting nature and necessary environmental equilibrium. That is the way to reach to a stage of #CelebratingSuper.

#CelebratingSuper Is A Mission For All

Vodafone is not the only company working at their best in this regard. But it is important to mention some of their mindful initiatives. It also gives a learning that just picking and deploying any project like odd-even will not do any good in reducing pollution. Rather, that kind of blind rulings mostly creates chaos and illegal mafias thus complexing the situation rather than resolving it. Similarly, a lot of people are creating hue and cry on Supreme Court’s latest ruling on banning crackers in Delhi. Many people including public figures are raising voice against it by relating it to our religion and customs. But they forget to sense that we are living in a decisive phase to decide whether we need short-term pleasure or long-term protection.

Vodafone has taken a great initiative to celebrate Green and Healthy Diwali this year by providing Super Crackers at all their stores. These super crackers, in fact, are packets having eco-friendly plant seeds. You just need to plant these seeds. And let them grow and bring some relief to the imbalance in the environment. In fact, now the stage has come where everyone has to contribute to filling the huge gap between environment and humankind. If we don’t clear the deficit today, it will be too late for our next generation. As of today, we all need to connect to each other. This is necessary to move together in the right direction synergizing our energies and efforts. Building a pollution free environment is a humungous task but still is achievable. It is still possible only if we stop abusing our nature and environment further and start contributing towards it.

#CelebratingSuper Is The Call Of The Hour

Kudos to Vodafone for creating first Air-Purifying bus shelter in Delhi. Replication this kind of initiatives in a speedy manner is the key to #CelebratingSuper. At least there will be a public place where people waiting for transport will be able to breathe pure and healthy air. Delhi is worse in terms of air pollution on a global scale.But this all is not enough. More and more initiatives need to come from every enterprise in Delhi-NCR. At the same time, there has to be a control mechanism for people fiddling with this kind of initiatives. Or doing deeds intentionally to increase pollution.

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