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I Am The Superman To Create Celebrating Super #CelebratingSuper

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Well, you can call me by any name. My real name is Bakul but then many people call me by different names for different purposes. In fact, my friends call me Bak because I talk too much. My neighbors call me Stupid because I fight with anyone who acts as a polluting agent on this earth. Why my neighbors call me by this name is because they try to teach me that fighting with someone trying to create pollution is not your task. In fact, they say, this is in the heart of Delhi. People feel pride in spitting, relieving, or throwing waste on the roadside. As a matter of fact, this is the only single factor that unites one and all in the metro city.And then we talk about Celebrating Super. How can that be possible until everyone in the city becomes stupid like me? I am just 14.

It doesn’t matter whether the person is penniless or has bundles of money in his pocket. This also doesn’t matter whether the person is illiterate or has some impressive certificates or degrees to show off. That way none of them know the real meaning of Celebrating Super. And even if they know, they pretend as if they are completely out of the bracket. That is why Bakul, that is me, has to come forward and try to light their minds towards the environment, pollution, mother earth, nature, and global warming. If you talk to anyone of them irrespective of their social, economic, or educational status, everyone will have some or the other brilliant ideas regarding these topics. But none of them dare to contribute a single bit to save our environment. Whatever, I will never stop. I will do every possible effort in bringing out some actions.

Celebrating Super is in my blood

I think everybody has to play a role of Stupid. If not today then it is going to be now or never state soon. One day, every person in Delhi has to become an agent of Celebrating Super if we really owe some responsibility towards our next generations. The way we insult the nature and environment is a heinous crime. In fact, there is no law and regulation against these crimes. In my opinion, polluting nature is a bigger crime. I call these people rapists. Because they continuously rape nature. I keep interfering in the privacy of people who smoke in public places and tell them not to do. Why can’t everybody just take a note of it and do the same? I hate people who keep their car’s ignition on while grabbing some fast food or snacks from the roadside vendors.

Celebrating Super
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In fact, people who eat from roadside vendors become a part of a dual crime. Firstly, they are not eating from a safe place in terms of cleanliness and health. That way they become a wrong role model for their own children at home. Secondly, the vendor would be throwing the waste on the road which is wrong. Raising a voice is important. Why men only have an urge to pee on the roadside? Why can’t they, in fact, have a control. Even if there are public urinals, they will not use it. Doing it in open probably is a sign of manhood. The days are not far when Oxygen will become a point of luxury. We will have to buy Oxygen cylinders for which there would be long queues. And even if it would be available on online retail stores, it would demand a high price.

Celebrating Super Is A Reality To Come

There are a lot of things that everyone of us can do to contribute towards Celebrating Super. We need to have a pollution free environment for which the first and foremost task is to stop polluting any further. And then simultaneously start efforts in healing the wounds that we have created on the heart of nature and environment.

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