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Why Celebrate Today #CelebrateTodayThisMoment

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Why celebrate today when you have to live tomorrow? First of all, the past is past. So, there is no point in repenting on what you could not achieve or do. And similarly, there is no point in overjoying on the achievements of past. There is a great saying in this regard – “You can’t sit on your laurels”. And that is perfectly true. Now, leaving the past behind, let us now talk about present and future. If what we have done in our past impacts present, and you agree to it. Then the same applies to our present. What we do today will impact our future. Because today’s present is tomorrow’s past.

Why Celebrate Today #CelebrateTodayThisMoment
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And in the same way, tomorrow’s future will become present some day. And mind it, whatever we get or lose, directly or indirectly impacts our surroundings also. Be it people, environment, society, or country. But it is very important to understand the real meaning of celebration when we want to celebrate today, Or for that

Now, let us look at another perspective. Imagine the world is going to finish tomorrow. And it is going to be certain. So, what will be your top priority? Partying or finishing something very important. But what about prayers? I feel, the whole world will go for that. Still, as a regular routine, if nothing bad is about to happen, do you feel like celebrating always, or there are a lot more things having higher priorities. Think for a moment that if everyone feels like celebrating today because nobody knows about tomorrow. It will be a chaos because it is against nature.

Why Celebrate Today #CelebrateTodayThisMoment

My last point. Why do we differentiate between work and celebration? In fact, why can’t we treat life itself as a point of celebration and enjoy every bit of it with whatever we do? Rather, why do we try to indulge in liquor, heavy music, high food, and hefty expenses for this? As a matter of fact, why can’t I enjoy and celebrate today every moment of my life and work with the music of life?

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