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Cafe Dalal Street Connaught Place – A Game of Demand and Supply

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Cafe Dalal Street is a totally new and innovative concept. The prices of liquor work purely on the concept of a stock market. As the demand rises, the prices go up. Similarly, as the demand goes down, the prices slash down. The same way it happens at this huge restaurant. With over 100 seating capacity and superb interiors, the space utilization is optimal in such a way that each table looks huge, and totally private from others. The design is like a street. The complete seating is in a square shape. The moment you enter, you have 8 seater tables on your left and right. If you take a right turn and then again right, you can walk along the tables on your left. As a matter of fact, don’t forget to admire the wall decors that really make it appear like Dalal Street.

Further, if you again turn right at Cafe Dalal Street, you have, a couple of tables, smoking zone, and a dance floor. And on the other side is the huge bar. Just behind the smoking zone area is the kitchen. If you keep walking along the tables, the fifth right turn and a little walk will bring back to the entrance point, from where you enter. On the way, around tables, there are screens displaying the liquor rates with uptrends and downtrends. The bullish and bearish behavior of your drinks will depend on how much each is in demand at a particular moment of time. Hence, there is a base price for each drink, and then there is up and down margins depending on its demand. In fact, the seating arrangement is such that it makes you feel royal.

Cafe Dalal Street – Where Hard Drinks are Your Stocks

Now, coming to food. Whether you decide on North Indian cuisine, Oriental, or European recipes, it promises to delight you in all aspects. Be its presentation, taste, flavor, or the enriching quick service, every aspect is excellent. The architecture, design, lighting, food, and service, all will make you fall in love with Cafe Dalal Street. In fact, you need to download its app to see the fluctuation in prices in real time and order for your hard drinks. Just try their signature cocktails. Rather, I would recommend Hearty Tandoor Platter to start with. Dahi Kebab and Amritsari Fish Tikka were just fabulous in veg and non-veg platters respectively.

In Chef Signature Starters, Paneer Akuri in Kulcha Panini is a delicious recipe. Similarly, Amritsari Choor Choor Naan will make you fall in love with the Naan and Dal that comes with it. Both these are veg dishes but are excellent in taste. Overall, Cafe Dalal Street is now in my all time favorite dine-in outlets. If you have not been here, you are missing something unique and innovative.

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