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Breast Cancer Checkup: Women! Shred Off All Fear and Shyness

A woman would take it very private while talking about her breasts or breast cancer, for that sake. On the same note, she would mostly shy away from the topic in public discussing the health and care of her breasts. Or she takes it very personal to discuss it with anyone for that matter? And then there is fear of society and family if something medical issue arises. And top of it everything else in her life related to her family is on top priority except she, herself. Her health and care always take a backseat in her life. This combination of self-rejection, fear, shyness, and whatever other reasons in her life never allow her to come out boldly to equally take care of her health.

Breast Cancer Checkup: Women! Shred Off All Fear and Shyness
Photo by Steve Snodgrass

Fortis La Femme recently organized an all-women bike rally. And the whole intention was to break all barriers in a woman’s life when it comes to her care and health. The world is changing. So should be any woman’s mindset. She must understand how important her own health is in order to take care of everyone in her family. She is no less than anybody else in her family. And hence there is no harm to go for regular health check-ups especially breast cancer. You must download this Self-Examination Booklet from their website because it is quite important. As they mention – “Self-Examination is the first step towards Breast Cancer Awareness. La Femme invites all women to join in for a drive to create a generation of women who are aware and ready to act. Feel Yourself today at your nearest La Femme with special discounts on Mammography and Breas Ultrasound.

Breast Cancer Checkup: Women! Shred Off All Fears

There is the fabulous message on their site for registration for the bike rally. Though the rally is over but the power of message stays alive. It says – “Don’t be a fence sitter, come out and join many like-minded women who are all fighting for a cause. A cause that is yours. Ride with La Femme to fight against breast cancer and let the world feel the roar that is inside you. It’s time to feel the fear, feel the courage and feel the hope.”


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