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Borderline by Shabri Prasad Singh: More Than A Confession @Shabrip @BloomsburyIndia

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Borderline by Shabri Prasad Singh is a bold submission. Disclosing your past, including the darker shades of your life is not an easy task. Not even the boldest of the personalities would dare to do so. That too been a patient of one of the complex disorders of mind and psychology. That is how the title of this fictional autobiography originates. The story has everything that a good story should have. Like thrill, suspense, conspiracy, lust, fun, climaxes, But on top of all, it is the element of truth that overtakes all other elements of the story thus making it more interesting. The story forces readers to introspect and intrigue at several junctures with what-if phenomenon. While the story runs on a broader scale thus not losing its rhythm and flow at any moment of time.


In fact, it grips you so much so compelling to finish the book in a single shot. The story also reflects the negative sides of our society. Especially the high society where children get extra freedom, money, and resources to easily put them on the wrong sides like sex and drugs. Is there a direct link between liberty, trust, and loyalty? Increase in one, in my opinion, increases the risk in other. But that is not true in all cases. Exceptions are always there. On both sides. Like Sati, Amrita’s elder sister who doesn’t deviate to take any extra advantage of any situation, liberty, or money. Above all, I think, it is a matter of self-realization. Holding the hand of ignorance and falling into the trap of wrong paths is one thing. But doing wrong knowing it well is another thing.

Borderline is a journey beyond destination

That is probably the key difference between the key characters of the story, Amrita, and others. Amrita is a fictional character in the story depicting Amrita’s life. Every painting on a blank canvas the mind produces is a result of innocence. The story forces you to go through the realities of life a young girl passes through during her childhood and youth days. Amrita is a case of depression and anxiety. She has a feeling of emptiness and void that never lets her happy. In fact, at times she feels like ending it all. She feels herself in a deep dark black hole that keeps sucking her into it even further and further. This is what Amrita discloses to Dr. Chugh, one of the best psychologists in the world.


The book, Borderline, has many key pointers that hit straight to mind. Like, an excessive need to please people because of a fear of rejection. And in fact, if you have this issue you will tend to do anything for that person. Even keeping your self-esteem on a stake. Sometimes your extreme level of honesty also takes you to the brink of borderline. In fact, under those circumstances, all your emotions go haywire thus creating a high level of imbalance between your body, mind, heart, and soul. And thus you start struggling within and running away from the realities of life. I find a great level of truth and sincerity in Shabri Prasad Singh in bringing out such a strong character like Amrita who never loses hope and keep looking at the positive aspects of life despite falling to the bottom of it.

Borderline is the beginning of a new chapter in life

In fact, Amrita’s journey doesn’t end there. Rather, it is a fresh beginning of her new journey. Probably bringing this book Borderline was like vomiting out all the negativity the time and circumstances had poured in Shabri’s life thus getting her back to the pure state of mind, body, heart, and soul once again. This book is not only on Borderline Personality Disorder though it is written by a victim of that but is a landmark in the history of the treatment of this disorder. A patient with this disorder has become a source of energy and right direction for others is an exemplary case. The credit goes to Shabri, Dr. Sanjay Chugh, and Purnima her counsellor.

As a matter of fact, it is Doc (as Shabri calls him) and Purnima, and all other doctors and counsellors in this profession, to patiently and strategically treat their patients and get them well to live happily thereafter. Borderline has become a landmark in the history of medicine and psychological disorders. And also a ray of hope for the patients in this and similar categories.

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